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Check Yourself!


By Karina NistalPublished 6 years ago 5 min read

W — Watch your Words.

A — Watch your Actions.

T — Watch your Thoughts.

C — Watch your Companions.

H — Watch your Habits.

I've always been told to watch my words. When you say something to someone it's out in the Universe and you can't take it back. When you are speaking you are prophesying not only for yourself but for others. It's important to speak volumes into the people around us especially the people we love. When we value what someone says and they speak harshly against or criticize us, we are in essence reflecting ourselves. It's the same thing when others do this to you. You can speak life or death into someone so it's important to really be thoughtful of your words. Our words are affirmations so it's best to make them positive.

Your actions literally show people who you are. It's one thing to speak it but once you do it, that's when your peers begin to form an opinion about you and your character. While it's not about other's opinions, it is beneficial to be viewed in a positive light. It's the same for when you are observing someone's place in your life. It's like they say: "Actions speak louder than words". How many times have we had someone in our life that made promise after promise but wouldn't keep them? At some point you realize they are not as invested as you are or you would like for them to be. We all have to take responsibility for our actions or in-actions. Our actions could promote growth or bring consequence.

Our thoughts are probably the most important thing to watch. All words and actions first take place in our mind. Our thoughts are the root of all things, therefore, again we have to think "Life" to speak it and act on it. I have been practicing more of the "Law of Attraction". Our minds are so powerful and our imaginations are the most useful tool. We have to constantly play our dreams on repeat in our minds. This way we can visualize ourselves achieving those things. You can even visualize a version of how you see yourself getting there! If we can see it, we can believe it. If we can believe it, we can achieve anything. It all begins in our minds. We have to convince ourselves that we can do it! Our minds are like muscles. We have to keep them strong. We have to be mindful of what we watch, what we read, and whatever is our mental intake. Think of these things as taking our spiritual supplements. We have to be consistent and it has to be daily. Fill your mind with positive reinforcement. Whatever you desire will develop based on your belief in it.

I have seen people substitute the "C" for character but I think "Companions or Company" is more valuable. One of our most valuable lessons I've learned and perhaps the one that will regularly present itself throughout our life is to watch the company we keep. This one was first taught to me by my parents. Initially, I thought they were trying to keep me from having any friends. As a young adult, I wanted nothing more than to be cool and popular, but as I got older I began to appreciate their advice more. Our companions actually determine our character. "Birds of a feather flock together". How many times have we had friends do something that was not in alignment with how we choose to live our lives? I'm not talking about something minimal that you can overlook, I'm talking about something that went against your values or convictions. For example, it could be something disrespectful - either towards you or someone else. Those are the types of companions that I'm speaking about. The ones that make you question yourself, your place, or your journey. The ones that have certain expectations of you or vice-versa that don't agree with your idea of what a "friend" should have to do. Also, having this kind of company can give others the wrong impression of how you're trying to represent yourself. Again, it isn't about what others think, but if you pay attention to your moral compass you will know when a certain relationship is not fitting.

I grew up believing that I could develop or lose a habit within 21 days. This was the magic number growing up and I would usually break the habit unless I saw a tremendous change in my life. Recent studies have dissolved the "21 day myth" with a new belief that it takes 66 days to grow a habit. Personally, I haven't tested this theory but I believe it to be more accurate. The truth is that our habits can make or break us. We could be very dedicated to working out or eating right then stop. We know our workouts and our diet can benefit us so once we stop, we notice a change in our energy which could lead to a poor diet. There are those not-so-good habits where we begin smoking or drinking more regularly. Those don't have to be the end all be all but the point is that it's harder to maintain good habits over not-so-good habits. It's harder to quit than it is to start. I'm not here to judge anyone but when these actions become habit forming they become harder to break. The biggest investment will always be a positive habit you develop and once you get your momentum you will feel more confident in keeping it.

"WATCH" is a powerful acronym to live by. It can help us become more conscious of where our words, actions, thoughts, companions, and habits are actually taking us.

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