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Can We Handle Our Attention

A Moment of Observation

By Mattie :)Published 30 days ago 3 min read
Can We Handle Our Attention
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I feel like we live within a day and age of constant obsessions with attention. Each of us is searching for something to nip our attention meter in the butt. And we've reached a point where we desperately desire attention this or that so much we just lose ourselves.

Last night I was just laying in bed, relaxing and watching the latest Goosebumps episode. I felt fine and at ease, until I finally reached for my phone then my laptop and began searching and getting lost in the madness. I immediately began to feel overwhelmed by all the images and dozens of comments. I just couldn't handle it, leading to more thoughts of worry and also dread. Not fun.

Lately I've done a way better job at turning off my phone, yet there are always those moments when temptation appears and sinks her fangs into our veins. We can't escape it. We can go off into the woods for a little bit and pretend we're not surrounded by this massive technological machine, grabbing our attention 24/7. Yet there are those small, blissful moments within nature and ourselves when we have the power to take control and calm our minds.

I feel like we as a society we should do a better job at how we act and react to the internet and how we spend time on it as well as just getting a better control over our attention spans entirely. This doesn't entirely have to do with how much time we spend online or using the internet completely. I just feel like it plays such a massive role in life now, harming us in the process.

I remember Hank Green was talking about this once and he amusingly mentioned how the internet and social media is basically a baby. If true then why do the adults give this massive baby machine so much control over us? Can't we put the tech baby to sleep for a little while and relax? It couldn't hurt. It's sort of like having passwords. Although we possess the device we can't access anything without the password. Makes sense, but still also annoying.

Attention is difficult to master, yet there are ways to improve and overcome the worries of stress and anxiety. I've started meditating more often and having those little peaceful moments with God. I try to do all that in the early morning before my day truly begins to calm myself and stay focused on the challenges ahead. It's challenging, yet been very rewarding. Breathing. Let me tell you we as a society just don't understand how special and unique breathing is. Breathing or breathing correctly really has helped me to grow, improve my mental health and also be creative. It doesn't even have to be a lot. Just a few short or deep breathes can be very inspiring. Definitely give it a try.

What do you think? I hope you're well friends. I pray this brand new week is exciting and helpful on your journey called life. I hope today's post was helpful and not too alarming. I've been thinking about stuff like this a lot lately, so I had to get it off my chest and out there. I'm daring myself to speak my mind more often as well as to listen and being more honest with others. Maybe you disagree with my thoughts. That's fine. communication is the key to success. Today is the day to get better and seek the help we need. Let's do this! Maybe you'd rather start tomorrow. That's also fine. Take care friends and always be creative. Namaste!


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Mattie :)

I'm a 29 year old curious and creative soul. Spread love like a wildfire.#NonBinary #Christian #WellsFiction

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  • Gerald Holmes30 days ago

    Yes, I agree. I've learned to shut down the tech and grab my guitar or a novel or just go for a short walk and most of all, just breath!

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