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Meditation Practices

Slay Your Dragons

By Mattie :)Published 2 months ago 3 min read
Meditation Practices
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Meditation is very important. But what is meditation? We may look at meditation as this compelling thing a group of men or women from ancient Asia did in secret early in the morning or late at night beside dozens of flame lit candles, holding the palm of their hands together deeply breathing in and out for hours like some Dragon Ball Z characters to relax their minds and refill their heart and souls with good and wholesome energy.

Although this can be valuable, I don't necessarily think that is the only way we should look at meditation. To me meditation is a practice. The definition on Google states that meditation is an action. You can't passivly meditate. It's a moment of pure bliss our bodies and minds need to get through the day. Many religions or well known speakers aka influencers preach on the art of meditation and they aren't wrong.

Meditation is a practice to securing happiness!

To me meditation is doing something positive and refreshing for your whole self whether that is just sitting down and breathing in and out or putting on some gym clothes and going for a run or lifting weights. Meditation is focusing on an individual task or thought and putting all if not a majority of your energy into it. Whether it takes just five minutes or an hour, meditation benefits life kind of like a power upgrade in a video game. Yes, playing video games can be meditative too, but please don't get addicted. I can relate.

The more we meditate the more we become ourselves. Like characters from a fictional story each of us has our own internal struggles. Struggles we tend to ignore or don't want to deal with. But meditation is an absolute game changer to facing those internal struggles. Say good bye and adios to self doubt and other notable stress enablers. Meditations got your back!

When I meditate I feel like this electric current rushing through my body and into my fingers. That spark really helps my mind to remain calm and relaxed. Hello nirvana. Great to see you again. Sometimes listening to a good song does the trick, but many other times I have to just let go and reframe my mind. I experience brain fog a lot and it can really put a brick wall between me and my creative goals. Meditation helps me overcome this dragon and slay both my fear and objectives. I guess you could say mediation is sort of like a fight or flight response. We get so many thoughts throughout the day they can be really difficult to face and manage, yet proper meditation has helped me to manage those pesky thoughts and overall emotions better. It's mind over matter really. Paramahansa Yoganada once said learning to be calm will equal happiness. I don't know about you, yet that sounds like a pretty important task to accomplish.

Peace can be hard to find, yet meditation and daily practice of meditation can help each of us find or at least step a little closer to the peace we desire. Finding peace can take time which is hard, yet also very rewarding. I also recommend researching articles from sites such as VerywellMind( I'm sponsoring based on my own experience) to help you draw closer to finding the right meditation paths for you. Life is a journey. We can't figure it all out at once, yet with daily practice anything is truly possible. I hope my words from today's post encourage you to find peace and practice meditation. The more we practice the better we get. Time to go slay some dragons, friends. Take care.

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