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Can I Write?

And If So What Motivates Us?

By Mike Singleton - MikeydredPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

I ask myself that question every time I put pen to paper or rather finger to keyboard. The fact that I am doing this answers that question but then leads on to , “So Can I Write Well?” or can “Can I Write Something People Want To Read?”.

My blog gets a lot of hits but my Vocal posts much less. I know this is because my blog gets hit with a lot of robots but Vocal applies their own algorithms to determine when something has been read. We also get “hearts” to show that someone has , I assume , liked our story. I recently received my first Vocal tip and that was a huge uplifting thing. Also tipping someone means that you actually create a defined connection on Vocal so may result in you getting reads from that person and more interaction from Vocal users. Also a $1 tip costs about £0.7 so you can make someone feel appreciated and make a connection.

I have joined a few Vocal based groups on Facebook and this way I can get feedback from people that I know and also provide feedback for others which I try to do, but it does make you feel more connected.

If I enjoy somebody else’s writing I can leave a comment on one of the Facebook and at the end of this article I will add links to the groups and some of the writers who have been supportive of me and I enjoy reading.

Back to the original premise. I find that I am writing about writing on Vocal , which I have done several times, but while I am pointing out things that I think I see, I am hardly a Vocal success although “Writing on Vocal” did get me a $5 bonus from Vocal admin which again gave me a big lift and feeling of appreciation, but I am not sure what caused that or what I can tell others to do to get a bonus like that, but if I can get it then anyone can get it.

I once read a book called “The Secret” and while some of the ideas in it were useful it essentially pushes the premise that real success is only measured in money. While money is necessary to even be able to write this (I paid for a computer , the power to run it , the broadband all of which I think should be available to everyone whether or not they have money) , but there are many other measures of success other than money. I am always wary where money is the ultimate measure of success, I prefer other measures.

I am sure that many join Vocal to make money from writing , and that was an attraction, but now realize it’s highly unlikely that I will make much , but every published story is a success for me , every read and heart is a success for me, every tip and bonus is a success for me, and even finishing the first draft of a story that is a success for me.

I am happy to see Vocal creators win prizes and while I can’t read everything there is a small voice saying “one day that might be you”. The more I speak with other Vocal creators , they are here to create and be appreciated, which is a wonderful artistic environment to be in, and that is the sort of environment where I can achieve and appreciate success.

While I have been writing this I have been listening to one of the greatest albums of this millennium , “Dirty Computer” by Janelle Monáe and will include the Emotion Picture of the album, a pinnacle of artistic success.

And finally these are the Facebook groups that are worth joining

  • Vocal Media Creators Hub

These Vocal Creators have been very supportive of me and are worth visiting:

There are others but at the moment I can't find their details

So keep creating , keep writing , we will be here forever and digitally immortal.


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