Balanced Happiness

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Divine Healer’s Diary

Balance is the soil for happiness. Wisdom | Hence, be selective with your attention and time. Keep in mind, unbalanced interactions usually develops into unhappiness. Example, one person is mentally advance and the other one still needs to learn the meaning of responsibility etc. To create balance, strive to be friendly as much as possible. Simply, because order is restored through compassion. Yet, draw the line at hi and good day.

Understand the surface and focus only on what you can control; which is yourself. Besides, what you have earned on this planet will flow effortlessly into your life. Therefore, make it a habit to constantly do as much good as you can on the planet. Remember, all humans are connected by energy. Ironically, it is faster to reach many through energies than phone calls. Figure of Speech, see everything without seeing. Free thyself of worldly evolution and step into the world of divine love.

Moreover, in dealings with others. Keep in mind that all of your emotions in life are signs. Therefore, when you are feeling a certain way. Pause to think about the surroundings, the objects and people who come to mind because it is more them delivering messages to you. For example, you can stand in a area and tell if something good took place by how the area feels. Just because you can not see something, does not mean it is not fully there ready to be utilized. Everyone in the end comes out a winner. Especially those who understand the wisdom behind forgiveness.

Keep in mind, forgiving is a personal choice. Therefore, it is not a obligation. Most importantly, there are three good reasons to forgive others. First, most people are dealing with their own problems in life. Trying to discover themselves or dealing with the typical life’s dilemmas. Pretty much, do not take much personal. See the love within other people’s’ management of emotions. “Try to be the person you needed, when you were upset about anything.” - Psychology

Secondly, to pardon sets one free because it lifts a heavy energy off the mind. Hence, giving your body a clear mind to use energy in a more beneficial way for those around you and yourself. However, forgiving does not mean you still have to deal with a person. Simply, you can still keep your distance and choose to ignore the energies that does not make you happy. Forgiving, does not have to be a drama show or a sense of re-building a bond. Flow with nature. Some bonds break for you to grow. Some bonds re-build for you to grow stronger. For example, if you are feeling happy and protected most of the time then maybe it is time to re-strengthen a bond. Yet, if you were unhappy for majority of the time or the other person was unhappy then that is a sign; something is not meant to be. Keep near the connections that bring out the best not only in yourself, but for those around you.

Besides, all of these positive actions will help anyone enjoy a good life. The third reason to forgive, is that it keeps the past behind you and not interfering with your present happiness or great future. Remember, changing your environment includes learning about better ways to deal with others to form harmony. Think of any form of advancement in humanity’s membranes as a miracle.

Forward is forward and as the greats would say, “time waits for no one.” - Wisdom | Therefore, start each day trusting that all of the experiences and events that took placed in your life had to happened. Simply, a better and stronger version of you is form through all of your life’s events. Choosing to look at life as a glowing sun, will help you see your way more efficiently and discover your purpose more effectively. Living to learn, grow, re-build, cultivate transformation, share, guide and educate. Pretty much, the importance of ultimate balance.

Sheba Bonita
Sheba Bonita
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