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Anxiety Sucks

On Every Level

By #KristinaWritesPublished 7 months ago 3 min read

If you talk to any expert in the world they will tell you there are four levels of anxiety: mild, moderate, severe, and panic. My completely unprofessional opinion is that unless they are suffering from anxiety themselves they don't know what they're talking about or what they are categorizing for that matter! Anxiety sucks, on every level.

I am not an advocate for smoking marijuana to calm myself down. However, if that's what works for you to cope with your anxiety; you do what works for you. I am an advocate for using CBD oil. In fact, I use it for myself on a regular basis. I don't know of the legalities of it per state. However, I know that in Texas, it is completely and utterly legal to use CBD oil.

What many professionals do not realize where anxiety is concerned is that every single person is programmed differently. There is no blanket treatment for anyone who has anxiety. Some people have "releases" that they have perfected for their own situation. And for them, it works. For me, for example, it is absolutely my writing that pulls me away from my anxious state. I have spoken to some friends that have found that exercise, cooking, and even reading help with their anxiety.


I have opted not to go on a prescription medication treatment plan. For me, so far so good! I realize this is not for everyone. And I am not the judge and jury for anyone in this world, but myself. However, when friends of mine told me that physicians have told them the only option for them is medication; it physically makes me cringe. How in the world can they know that a pill or a liquid is the only form of treatment for a condition that they don't suffer from?

Whenever I talk to someone who believes they are suffering from anxiety or anxious feelings or even a full-blown anxiety attack my first inclination is to make sure that that person is okay. My first question is not; did you take your medicine or where are your pills? Just checking on them and being there for them and listening to them; sometimes is all they need. I compare it to talking someone off of a cliff that they are about to jump off. Sometimes that person just needs to be heard in order to take a step back from the ledge.

Every single family in this universe is different. From the oldest to the youngest; there are differences. However, there is one thing that should remain the same in every family unit. And that is just checking in on someone. Just checking in by making a phone call, sending a text, or dropping an email. Put forth the effort to let that other person on the receiving and know that you give a crap about them! You may very well be surprised at the response.


This world has gotten so busy and everyone is on the run, literally all the time. Heck, I wake up at 445 AM and I don't even have to be at work until 7 AM. However, I need that time to focus on myself, read my daily devotion, and just get ready for the day ahead. Can you imagine the assistance that someone else may need? In my head, I think I have it all together. This is actually laughable because I even know that I don't! But I would like to think that I do.

How many people are like me? If you think you live a perfect life, how many people are like you? Who thinks you do but in actuality, you are way off? The moral of the story is; to check on your people before it is too late.

Until Next Time; Kristina

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