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by Mike Owczarek about a year ago in self help
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The "Yes" Behind The 'Achieve'

The blueprint is set. You have your exercise or work program configured. It is time to roll. And then, life happens.

Well guess what? You are still on track.

This is when one needs to practice allowance. We get so hard on ourselves to achieve and that is usually why we instill that same mindset when we fail. Now this may be of help to us and motivate us not to fail again, but this also may take a lot of the wind out of our sails.

The ability to allow can be as powerful as the ability to achieve.

Finding this within ourselves is key to moving forward. Even if at the time it may seem like we are standing still or taking a step back, it is this awareness that will ultimately pay dividends as we approach our task. If one finds themselves straying away or confronted with temptation opposed to their blueprint, there are allowances that can be of benefit.

Allow yourself to have an off day

This is not about a personal day off and a day of simply not working out or doing any task that you set out to do, although even those kinds of days are important too. This is regarding committing to having a great day, and it just does not pan out that way.

Notice, if you set out with great intentions early in the day to handle whatever comes your way, and you truly believe that, then however that day happened to turn out is irrelevant. Kudos to implementing the right mindset, the day may have not worked out, but something that does always happen from failure is growth. So, this is a step in the right direction.

Allow yourself to indulge

Whether with food, entertainment, and anything else that may bring us pleasure – it is important to not hold back, instead be mindful. We all know that the chocolate donut may not be the most beneficial to your diet and that foregoing it will nine times out of ten, serve you better. What will not serve you better is if it is bringing you stress to completely hold yourself back. An interesting balance here.

Something to take note of is the feeling you receive before, during, and after this indulging. More than likely, during the act, it is a great feeling. However, before, or afterwards, may not be the same story. Now ask yourself... if the negative feeling, afterwards or before, last longer than the positive feeling, is it worth it? You cut that indulgence in half, experiment, see how you feel. You may be surprised with the results and even more surprised with what you start to indulge less in.

Allow yourself to make mistakes

You stayed up too late watching a tv series, had one too many cocktails at an outing, did not communicate your thoughts in the best manner – it happens. That is the most important thing, it happened. Past tense. Nothing can be done to erase it.

Something can be done about it though. A quick assessment of what you would have done differently - learn. There is no sense in feeling bad for yourself. Quite frankly, you learned, and if you play your cards right, it is only upwards from that point. By assessing any mistake, you can learn what to do the next time you are in the situation, but you must allow for this to have happened and accept. Why? Because I never met anyone who stepped out the front door looking to make mistakes.

Allow yourself to be you

No judgement here. Easier said than done. This our secret power though.

I would be lying if I said that I never struggle with being completely 100% me. The more we allow it though, the better. Better for us, of course, but also for others. Our true colors will show, and our real value will be provided. Think of it as doing a disservice to others by not allowing them to see our true colors. So, refrain from apologizing, or simply refraining for that matter, of being you. It is our unique gift!


This list can keep going which is why I will leave it at: allow.

Allowing will give us the empowerment we have, whether we know it or not. In essence, this is one of the strongest ways of saying "Yes" to ourselves. The other side of the spectrum of 'allow' must also be visited: allowing for greatness, confidence, success, happiness. With that spectrum opened, think about all the amazing things that can come into one's life, if one simply allows.

However the day comes about, let us be mindful of our interaction with the world and allow for it to lead to a better day. This is in our grasp. Allow it.

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