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by Risky4real 4 days ago in self help
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Risky memo

The crisis

Hardly anyone can tell when it happened; humanity came to a deep crisis. Even being subjective, I’m allowed to judge at least on its Russian and American parts being part of both at the the moment.

Year to year, the amount of information popping up in the world has been increasing, and it’s getting harder to handle and to adapt how to handle it. You can judge by growing numbers nowadays from sciences, music genres, and professions to gadgets, actual software, and web, which depreciates the latter. It’s really challenging to stay up to date due to this growth and its velocity, especially for seniors.

The world’s swarm is buzzing, and apart from essential sources the number of entertaining so-called content grows exponentially. It’s getting more accessible though. I’ll list explicitly: fun video of various formats and fun music of your favorite genres including the ones you might not hear about. Fun and attractive lifestyle has never been sold that hard even since Hollywood popped up in the world.

For a sake of entertainment and better distribution, easy selling values started to appear across most of medias: sex, nudity, encouraging lack of parenting and self-discipline, and so on to preaching criminal as an appropriate approach of meeting life’s goals or overcoming circumstances.


While before people used to use this word to mark rebel traits, nowadays it’s got clear that the marketing dictates being bad in a way it literally means is beneficial. It says whatever you do, you have to obtain more resources (money) even when you might had gotten enough at the time as you planned before. That behavior seems unconscious to me. This is the model of conversion.

The biggest attention my eyes caught media persons, you might call them influencers, opinion makers, or the other word describing the people who some people are listening to. I want to omit how big the scale of them who sell the bad is, and stop on advertising that is being done itself.

The strong focus on embedded marketing and contracts with corporations are so widespread in various kinds of arts, so this is the way to advertise. That brings their audience to such implication as buying (metaphorically and literally) all the stuff they see; someone can say I don't buy right everything, just really cool stuff. The message is general, the conversion is delivered: the worse, the better. With that said, the bigger misconception that the advertisement gives people sort of privilege, but in fact it’s being done to resolve financial needs. So, it’s being got twisted, the other side does a favor to the advertises for financial profits. It must be a good food for thought when you think what the word on your shirt and what the word on the shirt of your favorite artist is.

I see here the explicit connection to that somehow, people were taught that showing off how bad they are converted to neglecting to the alternative opinions and possibility to think critically. Good is bad, bad is good. This successful swap is the moral crisis.

This crisis discloses how the war (Russian invasion to Ukraine) started and how people perceive it right. It’s nothing changed after it happened; the ones who are not involved to the war directly and don’t have there closest ones don’t lose there closest ones keep living with the same pace, same joy of entertainment if not bigger. It’s how the war moving forward, there is even no signal of awareness of nuclear menace. What did happen last time nuclear weapon was used? All of that don’t allow me to feel happy as I used to be.

This is not what bringing me to a call for cancelling your normal life, a lot us might experience their own sorrow at the same time, but this is how I'm asking about consciousness and critical awareness about what’s happening behind the house’s door and about what you're getting from your gadgets.

All those public figures who keep running entertainment need to hear these words of call for compassion first, especially the ones who are geographically close to the current conflict.

Express your love and compassion to the world, while the world is already full of anger and evil.

Work out your personal perception hygiene, we’re getting more and more information (and this is not necessarily just about news) therefore we need to figure out how to digest it well and to not lose our minds.

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