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A Day In Patagonia

The Daily Wonder Routine

By Ricky LanussePublished about a year ago 3 min read

7:37 am: Time to wake up*

Frying pan on the stove, plugging the toaster, shower with my girlfriend.

Two scrambled eggs for each. And a chaser glass of water.

Put running shoes on. Goodbye kisses. Headphones on.

Off I go.

7:57 am: Time to run*

The streets are under construction. Since forever. And it doesn´t look like the situation will change in the meantime.

But the 12-kilometer jog is by Nahuel Huapi Lake and the Andean mountains, so everything is okay.

No matter if the sidewalk is narrow, or even non-existent in some stretches and the need to look over your shoulder just to avoid being a transit casualty. There are trees and water, birds and dogs. And other humans doing the same, and smiling during the hustle, just like me. And we nod at each other as a sign of respect and because we know that we are on the same tune: the tune of daily wonder.

Daily Wonder

8:51 am: Time to work*

There is no shower in the office. Tap water and soap to the face will do. And the bag with extra clothing that is always here.

The running t-shirt takes an 8-hour rest.

Put on the kettle, and pour the water.

Mate is ready, computer is on.

No one is here, so I take my 5-minute daily meditation with Radio Headspace while drinking the first “matecito” of the day.

People start arriving. Protocol hellos. Email check.

What is the most important thing I need to get done today?

Eat that frog.

1:03 pm: Time to eat*

We are 27 people working at three different locations. A 3-mile by side triangle.

No matter: at lunch, we are always in a cirlce. Every single weekday. And we share our silly thoughts, and sometimes even our deepest ones. Sometimes in a hurry, sometimes in a hungry.

But we share.

This is the favorite part of my job.

Especially when it´s milanesas.

4:27 pm: Time to leave*

When I run to the office, I complete the half-a-marathon back home.

When I come and go by bus, I read my kindle books back home.

But if the lake is mirroring the mountains, my girlfriend picks me up with our truck. And our kayaks are on top.

Yeah, she is a superhero.

And today it´s one of those days.

So my running t-shirt is back on business after the 8-hour break. Same skin, different sport.

Like a chameleon. Or maybe not.

5:03 pm: Time to row*

Unload kayaks, paddles and vests.

Put waterproof bags in the hatches, and water shoes on.

Jump in the cockpit.

And paddle.

We go around the Island and stop where there is typically a beach. It was a snowy winter, so the lake is higher than usual: there are only rocks on the surface but we unload anyways.

And we share some mates and biscuits and sunbathe in a spring sunset.

My girlfriend dives. I´m not brave enough. She is a superhero, again.

While she gets dry, I read.

And then, we leave.

7:57 pm: Time to go back home*

It`s been 12 hours since I ran to the office.

But there is one last mandatory action: skipping stones in the lake.

Then we drive to my mother-in-law´s where we keep our kayaks.

And play stick with her german shepherd dogs.

Once they are tired enough, we head back home.

We live in a 450 square feet apartment in the city center.

Nothing too fancy.

Except for the view.

And the daily wonder routine we live in.

THE VIEW. Not too bad for a 450 square feet apartment.

*(it is scientifically proven that even numbers are bad luck for any activity in your life, no joke)

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