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5 Reasons why people who cry are more than awesome

by Aryan 4 months ago in self help

Make yourself comfortable with your emotional expression

Are you the one who is scared to cry ? Are you a man who is never taught to cry ? Or Are you so powerful that you need not cry ?

People may try to suppress tears as they see them as a symbol of weakness especially the gender specifications make them to do so, but science suggests that doing so could mean missing out on a plethora of benefits. Researches have shown a wide variety of reasons why crying is beneficial and what effects does it have on an individual, let us examine some of them today.

Helps us to get relief from pain

Research has found that along with self-soothing effect on an invidual, shedding emotional tears releases oxytocin and endorphins.

These chemicals make us feel good as humans and also ease both physical as well as emotional pain. In this way, crying can help reduce multiple painful areas and promote a sense of well-being.

Helps in a sound sleep

A study has found that crying can help babies sleep better. Whether crying has the similar sleep-improvement effect on adults is yet to be researched.

However, it follows that the calming, mood-improvement, and pain-relieving effects of crying above may help a person fall asleep more easily without hesitation.

Emotionally Stronger in terms of strong Gender society

Crying is stigmatised for both sexes especially for men. If a female cries it’s because she’s unstable or needs attention from others. If a male cries, he’s girly, or, my people’s favourite, not manly enough. All of these stigmas encourage both sexes to submerge their sadness to the depths of their soul.

But also, those who allow themselves to be sad in public are not only proven to be brave, but also activists for an emotionally healthier society emerging as leaders of tomorrow.

Improves vision

Basal tears, which are released every time a person blinks, help to keep the eyes moist which is necessary day to day requirement and prevent mucous membranes from drying out.

As a study explains, the lubricating effect of basal tears helps people to visualise more clearly. When the membranes dry out, vision can become blurry and many of us notice that sometimes.

Therapeutic Effect of Tears

Psychological researches have shown that crying stimulates our brain’s endorphin release, the “feel-good” hormones that also act as a natural pain killer. Crying also lowers manganese levels, a chemical that, when overexposed to, can exasperate the brain and body.

This allows us to think clearer about the problem and not be so overwhelmed by it, think about it when next time you make your decision.

A short story about a man who was reluctant to make himself display the soft feature of his personality, so whenever he felt to cry at any moment, he turned away himself or in the laughter but one day when he felt himself overwhelmed while making love to a woman in his entire life, his wife, his eyes began rolling down the unstoppable tears and when her soulmate saw that, she was confused on the scenic masculinity he always displayed on the outer side. The question came up with a smile on her lips to which he explained that in his entire life, he did not feel himself to express himself in front of anyone due to society image and his strong character but when someone felt him to the soul, he had nothing to say but tears which was accepted by her without any further query.

So, next time you see a person in tears, instead of making fun or smiling at the face, remember last time what therapy you had them for ?

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