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10 Scientific Ways To Increase Your “Luck”!

by Shalin Thomas 3 months ago in interview / success / social media / self help / how to / happiness / goals
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Be the master of your own chances!

10 Scientific Ways To Increase Your “Luck”!
Photo by Dário Gomes on Unsplash

Have you ever wondered why you seem to constantly run out of good luck, while your friends seem to get wonderful opportunities in life to succeed?

Ever felt like you can’t hit the jackpot in life despite all that hard-work you’ve put into streams of chances?

Well, I was thinking exactly this way until I did some research and found out that though I may be “unlucky by default”, I can certainly change that bad luck of mine!

By Malvestida on Unsplash

Yes, You Can Be The Master Of Your Own Luck!

Most spiritual people out there will tell you how your luck is vested upon the works of some invisible entities in the universe, and that you cannot control your own fate.

Once you share your worries, they would list bad karma, negative aura, misplaced Feng Shui, astrological misalignment, etc. to the possible causes of your ill fortune!

Not entirely true, if you ask me…

In fact, luck is just sheer chances. Basically it all comes down to hit or miss.

Chances, and thus luck, can be explained by science. Luck follows the law of probability.

Analyzing the possible outcomes of an event can help you determine your chances of getting the desired result. (It’s 8th grade math right there!)

So basically, in order to increase one’s chances of being lucky, one must understand, manipulate, and saturate the event.

Here are the top 10 ways that can help increase your chances of being lucky.

Keep in mind that these are based on my personal experience and knowledge of the system, and may not work for everyone.

1. Be open to opportunities

Focus on getting out of your comfort zone in terms of what kind of work you are able to do.

Don’t hesitate to get your hands dirty in order to become successful in an ultra competitive world!

Remember, if you don’t do what it takes, others definitely will…

2. Grab every opportunity; no matter how big or small

Take the chances as they come, rather than letting them slip away by judging their worth.

You never know, even the minor, and seemingly the most insignificant opportunity may reward you with an incredible fate!

From the nationwide audition for an upcoming movie, to the scratch and win contest on your cookie packet; just go ahead and grab them all!

3. Be early

The old folks probably know this better than you. That is, “the early bird catches the worm!”.

Going early to your interview, or even to the expo in your city will increase your chances of bagging that job or the grand expo prize!

Being early ultimately displays your enthusiasm and can also ensure your spot in an event before too many others join!

4. Be in the right place, at the right time

Strategizing your success requires you to be at a place where there is more chances for you to succeed. Also, do this before you get outdated.

For example, the people who immigrated to the Middle East during the early years of the ‘Gulf Boom’ were welcomed with higher salaries for smaller jobs, lower property prices and living expenses, and sometimes zero income taxes.

So they saved up more than 80% of their salaries, bought more property, and eventually became much wealthier, as compared to the newcomers, who struggle with income taxes, higher rent and living costs, lower wages, and increased competition!

When someone becomes successful quickly in new settings, in most cases, it is because they are in the right place at the right time, paired with hard work and smart strategies.

5. Stand out from the rest

It comes off quite obvious that standing out or being different amongst the crowd does help in favouring you with luck.

That is, sticking out from the rest in such a way by providing extra value in the same field.

A lot of opportunities can come your way, when you ware successful in convincing that you have unique skillsets and charms as compared to your competitors.

6. Manipulate the system

No, I’m not asking you to be some kind of a psychopath who can cheat the corporate using dark manipulative methods.

Rather, to seek the loopholes within the system, which when utilized, can give you easy success.

Face this: being a goody-goody isn’t practical in the modern world, which is only favourable to competitive masses with their ever-unique ideas.

The easiest and the most widely used (yet not widely revealed) path to being lucky in success, is to simply find the loopholes in any system!

7. Use trial-and-error method

This method is all about seeking opportunities, by trying out various streams of success, in order to find out what works for you.

Applying the trial-and-error method helps in adopting the most suited choices, while rejecting the rest.

This method can be utilized to single out various income streams, problem solving methods, programming, business plans, and even gambling!

Trial-and-error method thereby helps you gain more knowledge in the specific field, thus helping in making better decisions.

One of the most crucial tips to being lucky is to try out various methods to find out what works and what doesn’t!

8. Visualize your luck

It might sound pseudoscientific, but visualization does help in achieving what you desire.

While scientists have come up with science-backed theories why this actually might work, several people have been documented about actually achieving various impossible feats using visualization.

Go ahead and decide what you want to achieve (just be realistic), visualize that you have already achieved it (law of attraction), feel what you would feel at that moment, and repeat…

Visualize your goal, project your expectations, and wait for the universe to bring it to your doorstep!

9. Put in more work

I can’t stress this enough.

In order to obtain your desires, at least something closer to it, you must be willing to put in more hard work than the rest.

Most CEOs of the top-tier companies are in the position they are today, not because they packed competition, but due to their willingness to do extra hours of work.

Forget “quiet quitting” and all the other modern world bullshit, lucky are those who can slog in their workplace.

Working harder than one’s competitors helps in standing out from the crowd, thereby having more chances of receiving better luck.

10. Get rid of the limiting beliefs

This concept is in alignment with the points 1 and 2.

Being open to opportunities directly implies that you need to ditch your belief system that pulls you back from grabbing the right chance!

Be it family obligation, superstitions, religion, societal pressure, etc.

Keep in mind that, at the end of the day, you are left all alone to pay your bills.

Don’t limit yourself by telling that the opportunity is too small, or isn’t good enough. They pull you away from attaining further luck.

Introspection can help to find out if you are a victim of bad luck through limiting beliefs, so as to eliminate them for a better future!

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