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Yoga Poses That Relieve Pain

Feeling sore? Achy? Maybe it's time to give these yoga poses that relieve pain a try...

By Rowan MarleyPublished 7 years ago 3 min read

Yoga is one of the healthiest activities you can take up, and science has regularly backed up its health benefits. Yoginis have been reaping the benefits of a calmer demeanor, increased mobility, better strength, and also healthier joints for years.

These days, yoga is heavily studied, and yogis have actually been able to narrow down which poses tend to give the most benefits. According to the experts, doing yoga poses that relieve pain can help stave away sore backs and even monthly cramps.

Many people believe (rightfully so) that feeling a bit stiff and sore is a key indicator that you should grab your cute workout gear, and hit the stretches hard. If you're feeling achy, crampy, or just plain under the weather, experts believe these are the best yoga poses that relieve pain.

Also known as Marichi's Pose or a Spinal Twist, this is one of the most commonly cited yoga poses that relieve pain. The twisting feeling is known for shifting your spine into healthier positions, while also helping you increase flexibility.

Best For: Back pain focused around the center of your spine, shoulder pain.

Ah, what yogi doesn't know this pose? Downward Facing Dog is a classic, primarily because it stretches out everything — even your calf muscles. It elongates your spine, helps your balance, and also just adds a little bit of feel-good burn to your yoga routine.

Best For: Back pain and stiff legs.

Extended Triangle Pose is one of the better yoga poses that relieve pain and also help you stretch out muscles that tend to tighten up during long periods of sitting. A little twist in the spine also helps open up your hips and improve your balance. So, what's not to love?

Best For: Hip pain, back pain, and stiff legs

Cow Pose seems so easy to do — and that's because it is. It's also considered to be one of the best poses for women who are expecting, as well as one of the better poses for older practitioners as well.

However, what really makes this one of the best yoga poses that relieve pain for pregnant women isn't its ease; it's the fact that it helps relieve lower back pain and opens up your hips.

Best For: Pregnancy pain, back pain, and hip pain

In many ways, the Twisted Figure Four and Marichi's Pose are very similar. They're both spinal twist poses that are meant to open up the hips and alleviate pain from long sitting spells. The difference is that the Twisted Figure Four is done while lying down, making it a gentler yoga pose for people who may have been injured.

Best For: Lower back pain, hip pain

Don't ask us why, but Legs Up the Wall is one of the best yoga poses that relieve pain in your shoulders, back, and neck. In fact, Patch recently called it one of the 12 best poses to relieve pain because it was such a good stretch.

If you're feeling stiff in your legs or butt, you also can spread your legs while propping them up against the wall. This opens up your hips, gives your inner thighs a stretch, and also relaxes your coccyx. It's also a great yoga pose for mobility.

Best For: Lower back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, and hip pain.

Most of us have, at one point or another, unwittingly done Child Pose. It's literally curling up into a ball on the floor. Child Pose, much like Downward Facing Dog, is considered to be one of the most widely known poses in yoga.

Also like Downward Dog, it is known for being one of the smarter yoga poses that relieve pain. It's easy to do, is wonderful for relaxing, and generally is great for all ages to release stress and mellow out.

Best For: Lower back pain, menstrual cramps, and neck pain

For many people who enjoy relaxation and yoga poses, there aren't many better options than Cobra Pose. This relaxed backbend allows you to readjust your spine and get better posture, all while opening up your hips and stretching out your abdomen.

It's also one of the few poses on this list that works well among yoga poses that relieve pain associated with menstrual cramps or indigestion. So, if you're looking for tummy pain relief, this is it. It's also great for mindful relaxation and meditation.

Best For: Back pain, stomach pain, cramping, and neck pain


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