Yoga–Beginning, Middle, No End

by Yasmine Shaban 5 months ago in yoga

The Gift That Keeps on Giving...

Yoga–Beginning, Middle, No End

There are so many reasons why people start doing yoga, whether it’s to get sweaty, try out something new, get social, improve flexibility, or learn how to be more ‘yogic’ off the mat. Whatever your starting reason may be, be prepared for that to change.

Now, I’m not saying that you’ll go to a yoga class on a Wednesday to sweat off the stresses of the day, and come out suddenly enlightened, wanting to save the world singlehandedly. I’m also not promising that this will apply to everyone, but for many people, there is a shift in their intentions after practicing yoga for a period of time. Sometimes that shift is unexpected, maybe even daunting; because you just wanted to learn how to do the splits to impress your friends, and now here you are talking to them about chanting, essential oils, and crystal healing!

Ok, so the above example is very specifically about yours truly, but honestly, it happens!

I feel sometimes that we’re almost told we have to look or feel a certain way when we practice yoga and this can have a negative effect on what yoga can actually do for you, both physically and mentally. I for one, as with so many other people, hesitated for a very long time before starting because “I wasn’t flexible enough,” and I almost certainly could not wrap my legs around my ears! On top of that, when I did finally embark on my yoga journey, the loud breathing coming from all four corners of the room that “allows you to perform better,” and being told that “you may well cry in your down dog if you’re feeling emotional today…” all sounded a little "yeah right" to me.

Now I’m the loudest breather, cry every time I’m in Savasana, and I can leave the house without mascara on, but certainly not without meditating!

So, going back to the shift in your reasoning for pursuing yoga after that very first class. That shift should be a natural, involuntary thing, brought about by the "power" of yoga and its practice. It’s meant to feel genuine. This is where the magic begins...

Imagine a journey that has a beginning like all others, a middle like all others, but has no end, unlike others! This is the beauty of yoga, and it's something that shouldn’t be daunting, or put you off, but something that should excite and intrigue you. We always say "all good things come to an end..." Well ladies and gentleman; I found something good, bearing limitless fruit. The even better thing is (yes, it gets better!) this applies to everyone who practices yoga for any reason, even through the many changes that follow during your practice…

It’s those changes in your reason for starting and pursuing Yoga, I believe, that allows this exciting journey to become endless. That, and the fact that in time you start to realize that even in just the physical practice, there is always something new to learn, something new to try, and something to keep working on…

Now, please don’t panic if you feel none of the above applies to you, yoga is for everyone, there’s no right or wrong, it’s just simply about feeling good.

So the next time you’re in a yoga class, or you roll out your mat at home, or even read up and/or watch videos about yoga, try not to focus on what you’re told you are meant to feel like, or even what you’re told you’re meant to look like in a specific posture, just be you. Allow yourself the freedom to do exactly what feels good for YOU.

Namaste x

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