Workouts That Burn More Calories Than Jogging

by Salvador Lorenz 3 years ago

Hate running? Don't want to waste the time or energy doing something so mundane and boring? Try out some of these workouts that burn morn calories than jogging, because they won't just make you sweat, they'll make you feel good, too.

Workouts That Burn More Calories Than Jogging

I hate running. I hate it so much that I would rather call a cab or hitch a ride with a friend rather than run somewhere if I'm (no pun intended) running late. Herein lies the beauty of this modern world: now, with so many different and newfound ways to crank out weights or pump up your daily exercise, running can be considered a thing of the past.

The days of 1980s joggers, with their brightly-colored neon gym wear stinging in your eyes and the occasional Rocky fist bump at the top of the library landing, are long gone. Thankfully, though, there are much better ways of getting that lean body without all that aforementioned nonsense. Plus, it doesn't have to be boring or so typical as a mid-morning jog. Don't confuse the following with the best exercises for weight loss, because these are workouts that burn more calories than jogging.

Not all of these activities are for everyone, you must, like always, find what works for you. Please — whatever you do — try not to wear any neon.


I know, I was baffled as much as you might be by this highly intriguing bit of information: dancing is one of the workouts that burn more calories than jogging, how is that possible? Well, it's all in the hips, I guess.

Dancing, such as Zumba or even HIIT dancing, can get pretty active and brings out the sweat glands in all of us. Hell, if you're feeling really out of your element one day, take a dancing class.

Bring a partner and make a day of it; not only are you having a blast, you're also losing as many calories as you would have on that boring midday jog. So, rather than grabbing for your all-too-familiar running shoes, reach instead for your dust dancing shoes and get on moseying for a satisfying workout.

Jumping Rope or Battle Rope

A perfect hack for working out inside, the jump rope and battle rope exercises give your body the best amount of cardio and performance training needed for consideration in the list of workouts that burn more calories than jogging. Can't jump rope? Battle ropes could be your new best friend. Even so, everyone should know how to jump rope, and now is the best time to learn.

Any gym or exercise joint will have a pair of jump ropes, most likely found within the sweat room or yoga room. Battle ropes are usually near the dumbbells, but can also be found near the softer, matted equipment. To make the best out of your jump or battle rope exercise, try two-minute intervals of ascending reps, beginning at 10 and finishing at 30.

Read this battle rope beginner's guide to know which exercises and workouts are right for you in that category.


I was once a lifeguard and one of the very first things I would do before cleaning the pool upon arrival was go for a long swim. Didn't matter what specific type of stroke I took, at the beginning of my duty I felt completely refreshed and geared up for whatever the day had in store for me, which was typically a pool-full of energetic dipwads. And, to add water to this pool of thought, swimming is one of the oldest known forms of exercise, so might as well take notes from history.

Even if you're not a lifeguard, and some people out there still don't even know how to swim, get to your nearest pool at least once a week and try out a whole setlist of strokes to perform. They're sure to give your body that tight-knight feel you're dying for, plus you're in the water!

It's probably the most refreshing workout known, and it's definitely one of the best workouts that burn more calories than jogging.

Kettlebell Swings

When you're at the gym and you see the group of slim bodies swinging varying-sized balls of weight from their chest through their legs and back, this is what's called kettlebell swings. Yep, you guessed it, they're one of those workouts that burn more calories than jogging, too.

Take the lessons from this bodybuilding kettlebell explosion guide, or just build your own routine around your own likes and dislikes when performing this particular workout.

Doesn't appear to be the most calorie burning of activities when put up against swimming or dancing, but trust me kettlebell swings will give your body the exercise it needs to be exemplified from the all-too-familiar jogging.

Incline Skating

Like any active uphill movement, incline skating is yet another addition to the workouts that burn more calories than jogging. It gives your body an all-out movement and high intense stress, plus it's not as boring as a regular run or jog. When you're gliding uphill on skates, all your energy is put into remaining balanced and forward-moving. Nothing else is going through your mind.

Most people would overlook this activity. Don't be most people, strap on the old skates and get out to performing more all-around, full-body exercises that will make you feel extremely uplifted by the end of it, plus you're doing something eccentric and out of the ordinary. Your friends may even come along to join you for the second time around.

Rock Climbing

That's right, rock climbing is one of the few workouts that burn more calories than jogging. Though it may not be the optimal route to take, what with dangers of dying and the necessity of a buddy to keep your line attached, rock climbing has some great benefits to the body and is an all-around workout for tough-to-reach muscles.

If you're too scared of heights or even the possibility of falling off a rock wall, search up the nearest indoor rock climbing facility, or find out when the next outdoor rock climbing class is nearest you. You don't have to be a pro to get the same benefits or exercise as most, you just need to do it right. And, it's a perfect way to spice up your daily workout regimen.


Either indoor on a machine, or outside on an actual bike, cycling can lead to better and more fluid results than running. Especially when put on an incline, cycling is an all-time favorite in the workouts that burn more calories than jogging. Plus, your pace in cycling isn't as important as it is in jogging; you can go fast, slow, or moderate and you're still getting that all-time Tour de France experience.

With the indoor machine, cycling can be revved up by fine tuning the preferences on the rate of speed, incline, stress, and a variety of other modes. You can even wear a hoodie or long sleeve to give you're body that extra sense of heated composure. Don't overdo it, though, because you are liable to hurt both your legs and your heart if you exert too much of your energy. Know your limits and just do it till you feel good.

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

This is the best weight trainers' method for losing weight and gaining muscle simultaneously because it's a multitude of workouts that burn more calories than jogging wrapped into one. Plus, there's no real set list to what you have to do, you just have to do it fast, real fast, and within specific periods of time. HIIT gives you the option to a wide variety of different takes and models, either stressing your own workout level or really stressing it by upping the ante.

Here's a cool concept, try out a few of the very training techniques mentioned on this list, such as burpees, incline walking, cycling, and jumping rope. Do a set of ten burpees, rest for one minute, jump into jumping rope for a total of 15 cycles, rest for two minutes, incline walk for no more than five minutes, rest for three minutes, and finish with cycling. After a four-minute rest, restart with jumping rope and continue the process all over again.


As one of the most top-notch and lucrative sports in the world, boxing is up there on the list of workouts that burn more calories than jogging, which will surprise most. You can perform this exercise without even worrying about owning a punching bag or a pair of gloves, all that is needed is a soft surface and the correct stance.

You don't have to be Mayweather — or McGregor, for that matter — to get that perfect body from boxing, either. You just have to do it right. Before attempting any boxing training, know what you're getting into. Talk to trainers, discuss the ins and outs of boxing with anyone who will help you, because it is a dangerous sport to be involved with, and you don't want to get yourself hurt at the expense of non-jogging.


That's right, rowing is one of those workouts that burns more calories than jogging. While it may not at first seem as active as the latter, rowing does give your back and forearms a stronger burn, rather than your legs. Plus, you get to see some really cool sights out on the water, no matter the time or day. Make sure to know the ins and outs of your particular lake, river or body of water before going, though, for both safety precautions and legal knowledgeability.

If you don't want to deal with road traffic or clogging pedestrian walkways, give rowing a solid test. It's an amazing exercise on its own, and if you don't have the necessary boat or even a body of water near you, go down to your nearest gym and ask if they have a rowing machine. Any reputable play of exercise will have at least one.


In come the most stunning and random of all exercises on the list of workouts that burn more calories than jogging: burpees. Don't know what or how to perform this intimidating workout? Follow Dr. Axe as he explores the ins and outs of what makes the burpee one of the best exercises in the world.

By engaging the core, legs, and arms, burpees are a perfect workout to substitute your morning run with, since they give you an easy and ample amount of movement in all ligaments, plus they can be performed practically anywhere, even at your own office. When you are performing the burpee, though, please be careful not to pull a muscle or hurt yourself in the process, because they can get complicated sometimes. Know your limits!

Salvador Lorenz
Salvador Lorenz
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