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Why eating healthy is so difficult!

From personal frustrations i faced when i wanted to lose weight.

By KetanPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
Why eating healthy is so difficult!
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I woke up this morning, determined to kick off my healthy eating journey. Scrambled eggs and whole-wheat toast sounded perfect – a classic, protein-packed breakfast. But as I scanned the labels, my initial enthusiasm fizzled. The bread boasted "added sugars" in bold lettering, and the carbs seemed to skyrocket with each slice. Even the eggs, a seemingly simple choice, left me questioning. "Cage-Free, Grade A," it declared, but nowhere did it mention how "free" these chickens actually were.

Discouraged but not defeated, I moved on to the fruit bowl. Reaching for a juicy apple, I remembered a recent article about pesticide residue. Were these healthy-looking apples hiding a not-so-healthy secret? My mind raced – was everything I thought healthy actually loaded with hidden nasties?

Lunch wasn't much better. The pre-made salad looked convenient, but the dressing contained a laundry list of unpronounceable ingredients. Even the yogurt, touted for its gut health benefits, whispered about "artificial flavors" and "high fructose corn syrup." Disappointment gnawed at me. Where was the simple, wholesome food I thought I was putting on my plate?

Then came the afternoon slump. The vending machine beckoned with sugary treats and processed snacks, promising a quick energy boost. But I knew those would only lead to a crash later. The frustration bubbled over. It felt like every avenue to healthy eating was booby-trapped with hidden sugars, carbs, preservatives, and who knows what else. Even the milk in the fridge, a supposed source of calcium, mentioned something about "estrogenic substances." And that plastic container it came in – wasn't that supposed to be bad for me too?

Staring at my empty plate, a new kind of hunger emerged – a hunger for real, clean food. I wouldn't give up. Maybe this healthy eating thing wasn't as straightforward as I thought, but there had to be a way. Armed with my newfound determination, I grabbed my laptop and dove headfirst into research. Time to find a way to navigate this minefield of modern food choices, one step at a time.

First stop – local farmers markets. Websites and apps helped me locate farms in my area. Maybe there, I could talk to the people who actually raised the chickens and grew the vegetables. Knowing their practices could be a game-changer. Plus, farm-fresh eggs and pesticide-free produce? Sign me up!

Next, I delved into the wonderful world of YouTube tutorials. Turns out, making my own bread and sauces from scratch wasn't some mythical feat. With a little guidance, I could control ingredients, ditch the hidden sugars, and tailor those carbs to my needs. Hello, homemade goodness!

Speaking of carbs, refined sugar was clearly the enemy here. Kicking the junk food habit wouldn't be easy, but replacing sugary snacks with fruits and nuts seemed like a good first step. Plus, maybe incorporating some regular exercise into the mix could help with those afternoon slumps. A win-win, right?

Then came the cleaning crew – baking soda, vinegar, and water. Turns out, a simple soak could significantly reduce pesticide residue on my fruits and veggies. Who knew? Every little bit counts, I guess.

Traditional milk sources weren't out of the picture either. Maybe finding a local dairy farm or exploring plant-based milk alternatives was worth considering. After all, lower pesticide counts would be a plus, even if they weren't completely eliminated.

And the plastic? Ugh, the plastic. It was time to ditch those disposable water bottles and containers. Investing in a reusable stainless steel water bottle felt like a small step, but it was a step in the right direction. Plus, saying no to pre-packaged food and opting for glass or ceramic containers for leftovers felt like another victory against the plastic plague.

Sure, this whole healthy eating thing was more complex than I initially thought. But hey, knowledge is power! With a plan in place, I felt a surge of determination. It wouldn't be easy, but creating a healthy lifestyle brick by brick, filled with real, wholesome food? That was a battle worth fighting!


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