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What should we focus on today?

A three card reading for today

By Jason Almirez-TaglianettiPublished 7 months ago 5 min read
What should we focus on today?
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I hope everyone has had a great week and starting on a fantastic weekend. I’m using a spread I’m calling the Energy Spread. Int feels like a fitting name for this one. This is the focus, embrace, release spread I’ve worked with the past week. Today’s reading might be a bit of a doozy, so let’s dive in.

Our first card in our spread is the 7 of pentacles. This card shows us what we should focus on today. It depicts a man tending to his garden. Here we see him taking a moment to admire the plant. In this case, it seems like a plant that’s growing pentacles. He’s stopping to take the time to enjoy the fruits of his labor. This card tells us to take some time today to enjoy your work over the past week and what it has brought you. We work hard for what we have in our lives. It’s not just about the work we do for money. But also all the work we do in our lives. We spend time on things and want to see them grow and blossom. Because it’s pentacles, it relates to all earthly things. Money is obvious, but it can also represent the products of our work. The things that are a direct result of the work we do. Maybe we make physical items that people buy in stores. Maybe we’re working on a book or t-shirts. Or perhaps we’re growing a social media empire. Whatever it is, this card tells us to focus on the product of our work today and take the time to admire what we’ve accomplished and built so far. This doesn’t mean the work is over, and you’re done with it. It just means stepping back and enjoying what is being built. There is still more work to do, though.

Our next card in the spread is The Tower. My first instinct is that maybe this card is in the wrong spot. Perhaps this should be the release card. But I’m trusting the cards here. Often we see the tower as a negative card. A bad card. And there are no bad cards in the deck. We may associate bad feelings with certain cards, but that’s us and not the cards.

So here we see a great tower on fire. Lightning has struck the tower, and a crown is seen falling off it. We also see a couple of people falling out of the tower. The sky is black and bleak. This card speaks to us about upheaval and catastrophe. But does it mean that we should embrace calamity? In a way, it does.

As that card that shows us what to embrace today, this card isn’t telling us to accept bad things happening. Instead, this card asks us to embrace the idea of change today. You may have plans for today that might not go as you want. You may have decided to spend the day resting and relaxing. Maybe you want to pick up that book you got last month and have been trying to read it ever since. You think today’s your day to do that. Well, the universe may have something else for you today. But that’s ok. Embrace this change in your day. There will be time to read that book another day. Right now, the universe needs something else from you. This isn’t a bad thing. Embrace change today.

Our last card is a card that shows us what to release and what to let go of for today. The card that came up is The Lovers.

I will say that I tend to read the cards intuitively. All the cards have standard meanings, but sometimes those meanings don’t apply to me. Often, the meanings I receive come from the question or the card’s position in the spread. And that’s what we see in our release card.

In the Lovers card, two people stand nude before a god or an angel. This card is an obvious connection to the garden of Eden story. Behind the male figure is a tree with fruit that seems to be on fire. This represents fiery passion, while the tree behind the female figure is the tree of knowledge. So here, we have a representation of knowledge and the ability to act upon that knowledge. In this position in our spread today, this card tells us about the things we should release, that which we should let go of for today. This card does not tell us to dump our partners or let go of our relationships today. As I stare at this card, what stands out to me today is the angel hovering above the couple. She seems to be not just above them but also between them. She’s taking up just enough space, so they must get out of her way a little. Literally getting in between the lovers. So this card is telling us that something is getting in between you and your partner. If it is allowed to grow, it could push you apart. Don’t let it do that. You’ve worked too hard on your relationships to allow that to happen.

This doesn’t have to be just a love relationship with your husband, wife, or partner. This could be a friendship—a relationship with your parents or a sibling. And the blockage can be in the form of a friend, co-worker, or family member. This could be a hobby or an activity that you do. Maybe an addiction. Whatever it is, it’s getting in the way, and we need to let go of anything that gets in the way and creates problems for us down the line. Whatever it is, release it so that your relationship can grow and blossom. This is often not an easy thing to identify or do. But it needs to be done to ensure that what we hold valuable and sacred to us is maintained and allowed to grow.

Thanks again for reading. Let me know if you enjoyed this reading today or if it resonated with you. If it didn’t, consider sharing it with someone who might need this message today. Thanks again for reading; take care of yourself and each other, and have a great weekend!

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I'm an intuituve tarot reader studying the tarot and writing about my journey. To purchase readings please visit my livelogue site.

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