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What made you quit fitness?

by Derasom 4 months ago in fitness
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The purpose of our fitness is health, not overdrafting life

When it is found that the gains are disproportionate to the effort.

When I found out that all the people I admired used steroids, but claimed to be natural.

When the industry is taking medicine secretly, but openly publicizing that you can become like the stars in the magazines by hiring a personal trainer and eating protein powder.

When I found out that I would never be able to have 10% body fat and still have chicken wing-like triceps without the meds.

When I found out that it would take me years to reach my physical potential.

When I found out that other people took medicine for two cycles, and the effect was over 5 years.

I overturned all my naive fitness cognitions.

I questioned everything I had heard before.

I started caring about nothing.

I like to jump rope and I can jump enough.

I love pull-ups, and I'll just do it as long as I'm happy and don't think about doing 5 sets of 10 at a time.

When I want to climb a mountain, I strap on a sandbag and go out to sweat.

If I want to do the pre-level, I will go to YouTube to watch the tutorial. I don't need to care if this is a fitness exercise or not, which part of the exercise will not look good on my body.

I don't care about doing legs on Monday and chest on Wednesday, I don't care what movement isolation I need to do when I do it, the standard is not standard or something. Just do it. How to be happy.

I gave up fitness, I started exercising.

Even do it.

Let me give an example of an ordinary person's natural fitness approaching the limit. A fitness blogger in South Korea who has practiced for 10 years. This is the limit in the ideal case. I'm not denying fitness, but everyone should figure out their expectations and adjust their investment and methods according to their own situation.

Persistence in life itself is not easy, and maintaining lines while still having muscles is definitely more difficult than many people think. Don't get frustrated with why you don't see results.

I don't have a problem with taking medicine.

Because the effect of taking the medicine is immediate, it can make people have the body that men dream of in a short period of time.

Who wouldn't envy a figure like that? Even if you can date a woman you can't possibly have a relationship with, who wouldn't be tempted?

But I also know how serious the side effects of taking the pills can be, some people may be lucky and get all the benefits with minimal side effects, and some people are unlucky and have serious accidents with just a little bit of it.

And the monsters in the bodybuilding world also have amazing genetic advantages and hard work to withstand such a large number of drugs.

I respect their efforts and I respect their choices.

But the entire industry, everyone has reached a tacit understanding, giving people false promises, but not talking about steroids.

You flip through any fitness magazine and you'll see pictures of athletes on steroids with all sorts of revamped fitness routines.

As if you could be as strong as them if you worked hard.

It's as if it's a beauty that comes from plastic surgery, but you talk a lot about your maintenance methods, your diet, your exercise, and you don't mention surgery at all.

Isn't this deceit and misleading?

Some people are determined to make a living from steroids if they fully understand the risks and benefits of steroids, or rather,

Even if I have been brilliant as a man for 2 years, I will recognize it when I die. With this level of consciousness,

Who can say what?

But I am against some big fitness fanatics, look at the pictures of those male gods.

The injections were obvious one by one, and I didn't mention that I was injected, but only emphasized how hard I worked.

Isn't this intentionally misleading others?

You work very hard, but if you don't get injections, you are just a stronger ordinary person.

And there are many types of steroids, many of which are still unknown.

Most of the drugs are prescription drugs, and the doctors are trembling when they use them, for fear of accidents.

Some people lie to novices and say that it's okay, it's safe. Isn't that pulling someone into the water?

There are so many doctors on the Internet, you ask them yourself, since steroids are health products, and they are magic medicines to reduce stomach, increase muscle, and restore youth, do they not take their own brains when they are sick?

The country's brain is flooded, and health products are used as prescription drugs?

Sports and bodybuilding are different concepts.

I've personally given up on bodybuilding, but my love for sports, calisthenics, has renewed my passion.

I'm just offering my personal journey of transformation here, realizing that exercise isn't just about working out in the gym, taking a step back and seeing the world.

I just hope people don't take bodybuilding as everything.

Bodybuilding is just a small branch of sports, there are many, many more besides sports, such as health, career, family, hobbies, art and so on.

Life is more than bodybuilding. What do you say?

You spray me with no brains, you can't spray my genes.

You are right, I am bad. You have good brains and good genes.

Am I not being clear enough?

I don't think there is a problem with your medicines.

It takes effort and pain to take medicine.

I don't have the guts, but I admire your guts, really.

What I don't think is right is that some people lie while taking their medicine. When someone asks you why you are in such a good shape, do you tell the truth? You will only say what moves I use, how hard I work, how nutritious I eat. Can you explain why you did this?

In other words, some people use this to shape their personal image to make money, no problem, but they spend money, should you clearly tell them the principles and risks?

The people who paid for your advice are in better health than they were before, but it's possible to spend years in vain or disappointment isn't it?

You yourself know how difficult it is to maintain a line while maintaining muscles. Can ordinary people do it on a daily basis?

Or some people spend money on medicines from you, and if something goes wrong in the future, you can feel your conscience and say that you are not responsible because of his genes, right?

Selling dreams, please at least sell practical dreams, don’t make false propaganda and raise expectations.


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