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What is the content of health management?

by Judy G. York 11 months ago in health
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Health management

The most basic needs of a person to live are to eat, drink, pull, spread, sleep, and breathe. These are physiological needs, and the two major psychological needs are a sense of belonging and a sense of value. If a person's needs can be correctly expressed, supplied, and satisfied, then the person should be healthy, or in a healthy state. Specifically, the diet and nutrition should be balanced, because people eat and drink for nutrition? The nutrition is balanced; Lazar corresponds to eating and drinking. Although it feels a little weird to say that, what people eat and drink into the body will always cause waste and residue to be discharged. This is a basic activity for normal maintenance of metabolism. Lazara pays attention to unobstructedness; sleep is the body’s measure to repair damaged cell tissue during the day and maintain a healthy state of the human body. It is by no means what many people believe to be lying there and lose consciousness. The key to sleep is to adapt to the time of day and have enough breathing; The purpose of exhalation is to expel exhaust gas from the body. Of course, the purpose of inhalation is mainly to inhale oxygen. Almost all activities of the body need oxygen. The focus of modern people's breathing is to take the initiative. As for the two major psychological needs of people, a sense of belonging and a sense of value, this is a bit contradictory and conflicts with the weakness of human nature. The weakness of human nature is that it is easy to covet ease, comfort, and enjoyment, while a person's sense of belonging and value needs to be obtained through struggle, hard work, and enterprising. This may be a bit of chicken soup, popular, at least everyone should have a stage of their own, and a role that suits them, that is, people have to find a sense of belonging and value in work. From Adler's point of view, it is to find a "community feeling" and "other contributions". This may be a bit difficult to understand, and we need to study the philosophy class of "Father of Self-Inspiration" Adler, and we will recommend related books to you later.

In a nutshell, health has six cornerstones: a good attitude, balanced nutrition, active breathing, adequate sleep, appropriate exercise, and appropriate medical treatment. Those who can do well in these six aspects will definitely be able to manage their health well.

The above paragraph basically includes all the contents of health management, and has made a basic statement and explanation. In other words, if you can understand and do it, you can manage your health. But it's easier said than done, and the most difficult is that not everyone can fully understand it. If the reason is unreasonable, it will not be implemented in action. Therefore, health management still requires us to study with a little patience.

Of course, when it comes to learning, don't frown. ​General subject learning may take a little effort or even hard work. The science of health management talks about things that are closely related to our daily lives. There are neither obscure theories nor boring formulas. It just requires us to have a little bit of patience, make up our minds from now on, learn one by one and change one by one, and it won't take long for you to begin to reap your health. When you feel happy that you are getting healthy, and when your mental state begins to change, you will also feel that this is a very interesting and very simple knowledge, and you will like it. Perhaps, soon you will become a disseminator of health knowledge.

A teacher said: In the future, there will be a great person who can make oneself healthy; there will be a great person in the future, who will not only make oneself healthy, but also make others healthy; in the future, there will be a kind of person who will be even more great, that is, spread healthy person.


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