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What happens when you meet your Twin Flame.

by Twin Flame Journey & Spirituality 2 months ago in spirituality
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It`s your Soul`s Journey

What happens when you meet your Twin Flame.

  • Your life will never be the same.
  • Be ready for your real spiritual awakening.
  • Keep in mind it is your Soul`s Journey, not a love story.

I am sharing my Twin Flame journey because when I first met my Twin Flame. I had no idea that something that divine excist in this 3d world.

But also, I had no idea what a crazy rollercoaster journey it is - filled with Love, pain, agony, sadness, and happiness ... When I reach the low point, I often think: WHY? WHY do I have to go through this.

Some days I can be completely fine, and then some days where I miss this 3D Life connection more than ever.

And I hope that when you read it today, you can find some answers, feel better and go with the flow. I also hope that by reading my story, you get some comfort and courage - knowing that everything will be okay.

As the Twin flame journey or your spiritual awakening is quite messy and emotional, I try to make each story short and share my story with details that now when i look back - make sense.

Also, this is my way of healing and giving back, and maybe this story makes you understand that meeting your Twin flame is not about Love and Romance. It is your Soul journey to awaken.

But oh boy, it is painful.


A few months ago, I had no idea about twin flame, Soul's journey, and what spiritual awakening actually means. In mainstream it looks like true bliss and Zen. While it actually feels like a real birth...

However, I do consider myself kind of spiritual and believe that there is a more significant power out there than just we humans. Whether it is god, the Universe, or some other power, I believe there is something more out there.


I will not explain much about soul realignment and akashic records, and I will post about it separately.

I always say that in life, things happen when the time ( divine) is right.

  1. I came across a woman who offers soul realignment and akashic records reading. ( you can find her here)

She offered for me to do one...

I must say, my life has not been the same ever since. This journey is another level journey - maybe here is why it is called your Soul's journey. So far, I can say that this journey has been the most intense journey in all ways. Positive and negative ways.

Although we do not have positive or negative in Universe, everything is good in some ways. But as we know, losing something or the death of your EGO can be very painful and confusing.

At the same time, you will feel the LOVE, Happiness, and Inner peace - like you have never felt before. You feel like you have finally arrived "home."

Finally, your fears do not control you. You feel like you absorb everything from a distance. And even when things fall apart, the old relationships no longer serve you, and there is a lot of confusion. However, your inner self stays calm and knows everything is finally working out because I am aligned with my Soul.

Well, as I said, I will explain more about the soul realignment and akashic records in my future posts.

So let's jump into my Twin Flame Journey.

There is one thing for sure, once you meet your Twin Flame. You will know that they are your Twin Flame. And whether you see this term or haven't heard it before. You will know that they are your Twin Flame without needing a proof.

Because one thing you notice, where your mind (logical) finds this situation completely nonsense, yet at the sime time you feel like everything finally makes sense.

Many people can say that this is what LOVE is. This is what it means to fall in LOVE and have an overwhelming experience. I agree that Love is a powerful force and can make you feel all that.

But there is something else... Which I wish I could explain with a few words.

But I guess this is the reason I am writing these blog posts.

Your mind feels like nothing makes sense, yet at the same time, everything makes sense.

Before meeting my Twin Flame, I would like to share the pre-story.


It's like Steve Jobs has said: "You can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backward. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something β€” your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever."

The same is with your Twin flame journey.

I am a married woman, been together with my partner for 11 years. We have two children. Our marriage is great, like every other marriage. Nothing particular, ups and downs here and there like any other normal marriage. But over these 11 years, I never had a thought or even a need to be with someone else.

After my soul realignment session, the Universe threw a small challenge on my journey. For this, I needed some extra money. . And since I didn't want to have a binding contract with some employer with all the hassle of getting in and out of the contract, I took some very simple work.

Since I needed just a few hours to work to finance the project and I was able to do it in the evening hours. So I decided that why not give it a try.

If I am honest here, I had no real money issues. But, a weird voice in my head said I had to do it.

No, you do not need to call me crazy here. No one understood why I was doing it. But me ( my Soul) felt like I have to do it.

Today, if someone asks me - why? All I can say is that it was not my logical mind, ego; it was my SOUL that asked me to do it.



I had been working on these swifts for about 2 months. And way before I met my Twin Flame, I enjoyed this job. I was so happy on my own.

And then we met...

Our first meeting was very brief. Honestly I can say it was nothing special and in some ways I didin`t pay that much of an attention.

I didn't think we are ever goinge see each other again because it was just a simple hello and didn't mean anything. Since my personality is quite friendly , I often say friendly hellos and greetings... But oh boy how wrong I was from there on..


Suddenly, I received a message on my WhatsApp: "hey, it is me, who you met at this X location. "

He was working in the same company where I was, and we did have a common Whatsapp group. So he found my number over there.

And here is the funny thing: I never reply when someone messages me on Whatsapp or other social media. I always ignore them.

But yet, he was the first guy I decided to reply to. Maybe because I thought he was my colleague. Or maybe my Soul knew now it's your time to enter this journey.

Before I go on with the story, I want to remind each of you; In this journey, nothing makes sense, yet you know everything makes sense.

Keep in mind that this is your enlightenment story. And while you can be so obsessed with this person. It is your SOUL that is ready to align in this 3D world. So twin Flame is not another LOVE story, although it might feel like one... But in my opinion, it is so much more poweful than LOVE STORY; it is the pure force of LOVE.

And when I have these days where I am deeply missing the moments we had together.And I totally hate this "awakening journey ". Because I miss him, I miss these happy moments, I miss this energy. Then I know it is time to go within and fill that void.

But then again, I get reminded that it was needed to awaken my soul...

So what happened when we met again? ( read on my next story)


About the author

Twin Flame Journey & Spirituality

Sharing how my Twin Flame and Soul Realigment changed my life.

It is still on going process, so many thing can change in time and Universe.

Sharing this to help others to find their way and realise that this is your Soul`s journey.

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