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What are the benefits of eating corn regularly?

These 5 types of people or to eat less corn

By Lhasa GermanyPublished 4 months ago 7 min read

Corn is also known as a bush in some areas, which has the symbolic meaning of helping you get rich, prosperous business, full of children and many children, so this is one of the reasons why many people like it.

Corn is rich in nutritional elements and is also known as "longevity food". Eating corn often also helps to promote gastrointestinal motility, and improve the basal metabolic rate, for the weight loss period of women.

So what are the benefits of eating corn? The doctor reminds us that although corn is delicious and has high nutritional value. But there are 5 special groups of people who are not suitable to eat, it is recommended to know the following.


Do you understand corn?

[Does corn contain high sugar content?

Corn contains 73.2% sugar. The nutritional value of corn is relatively high, containing protein, fat, carbohydrates, and a lot of dietary fiber and vitamins. Eating corn regularly is much better for patients than eating refined rice or pasta because of the low glycemic index and the strong sense of satiety.

For patients with diabetes and those who need to lose weight, using corn to replace refined rice and flour is again easy to control the diet and increase the feeling of satiety. At the same time, it is also very beneficial for diabetic patients to control their blood sugar.

[Is the purine content of corn high?

Doctor: Corn is not high in purines and can be eaten appropriately by patients with gout and hyperuricemia.

The purine content of corn is low and generally does not cause elevated uric acid. Corn has a high nutritional value, rich in protein, crude fiber, and minerals, and very high vitamin content.

Corn has a low impact on blood sugar and is, therefore, suitable for people with gout and hyperuricemia, especially those with combined diabetes.

[How long does it take to cook corn?

Eight minutes after the water boils.

It is best to soak corn for 20-30 minutes before turning on high heat to cook it. This will effectively retain the vitamins in the corn itself and make it light and chewy to eat.

After the water boils, sweet corn (bright yellow) and old corn need to be cooked for another eight minutes, and sticky corn (white) for longer, at least 10 minutes, without overemphasizing the need to cook the bloom.

Once cooked, the corn needs to be chucked out and placed in a colander to drain. Soaking the corn in water for a long time will turn the flavor of the corn and the taste will decrease.



What are the benefits of eating corn regularly?

1. Prevention of cardiovascular disease

Corn is rich in nutrition, rich in vitamins, amino acids, and unsaturated fatty acids, these unsaturated fatty acids can react with vitamin E.

These unsaturated fatty acids can react with vitamin E to reduce the role of cholesterol in the body, which in turn reduces the risk of atherosclerotic cardiovascular diseases such as coronary heart disease.

2. Delay aging and improve eyesight

According to Chinese medicine, corn mainly enters the liver meridian, bladder meridian, and kidney meridian and has the effect of calming the liver and gallbladder, reducing swelling and diuretic, and also the effect of clearing damp heat and strengthening the spleen and stomach. Eating corn in winter not only removes dryness but also replenishes moisture in the skin and slows down skin aging.

In addition, corn is rich in flavonoids, which have a strong antioxidant effect and are absorbed by the body and act directly on the retinal macula. Prevent macular degeneration, and reduce the risk of cataracts, glaucoma, and other eye diseases after aging.

3. Can beauty and weight loss

The vitamin e contained in corn can promote cell division, delay the growth of wrinkles in the skin and lighten the spots. In addition, corn can also give people a certain sense of satiety, and reduce hunger, with the effect of weight loss and shaping.

Vitamin e stimulates the secretion of hormones through the gonads and increases masculinity. In addition, the glutamic acid contained in corn has a brain-boosting and educational effect, improving people's memory and making them more focused.

4. Aids in the treatment of various diseases

Corn has a diuretic and appetizing effect and dehumidification, which can assist in the treatment of indigestion and diarrhea, and contains unsaturated fatty acids that can reduce the concentration of cholesterol and prevent the deposition of cholesterol on blood vessels.

In addition, it can assist in the treatment of hyperlipidemia and arteriosclerosis. Corn contains glutathione to slow down the aging of the body, rich in vitamins, iron, calcium, zinc, etc., and can assist in the treatment of diabetes and cholecystitis.

5. Laxative

If life is constipated, then you can eat corn, corn contains a lot of dietary fiber, and this substance can effectively promote intestinal peristalsis, and can reduce constipation.

You can usually mix corn and milk to make juice, and insist on drinking the laxative effect is also very good.


The doctor reminds these 5 types of people to eat less, do not careless

1. people with low immune function

As a fiber-rich food, long-term excessive intake of corn can also lead to damage to human organs, healthy people consume more than 50 grams of fiber per day, which can lead to a lack of protein in the body and a long-term decline in fat utilization.

This damages the blood, heart, bones, and other organs and reduces the body's immunity. Therefore, for people with low immunity, it is recommended to eat as little of this food as possible.

2. People with high blood sugar

As an independent disease, hyperglycemia can seriously affect the individual's pancreatic islet, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health. After the onset of the disease, metformin and sulfonylureas should be taken under the guidance of a doctor to control blood sugar levels. Patients with the severe disease also need insulin injections.

Although corn is rich in nutritional value, its high glucose content is not suitable for patients with chronic metabolic diseases and high blood sugar levels, so as not to affect the efficacy of the treatment and aggravate the disease.

3. People with the poor digestive system

People with poor digestive systems are not recommended to eat corn, the reason is that corn is one of the coarse grains, and after consumption will increase the digestive burden of the stomach and intestines, easily causing bleeding from ruptured veins or bleeding gastrointestinal ulcers.

Therefore, it is best not to eat corn with a bad digestive system, especially for those suffering from cirrhosis, esophageal varices, or gastric ulcers patients.

4. Physical laborers

For long-term physical laborers, the intensity of daily exercise requires more energy material and more calories.

The overall energy content of corn cannot supply their daily needs, so it is recommended that corn should not be used as a staple food, and all energy should be taken in from rice.

5. People with calcium deficiency

There are some people who have calcium deficiency problems, corn is not easy to digest and will affect the body's absorption of calcium elements after entering the body, so it is best for this group of people to eat less corn as well.

Corn is a coarse grain, which is high in dietary fiber phytic acid content, after which the body will combine to form precipitates, affecting the body's absorption of other minerals.


Extension: how to make corn husk water to drink?

Just picked corn husk is usually fresh, and also not mixed with any dirty things, just needs to dry in the sun after steeping with hot water to be able to drink.

Although drinking corn husk water is good for the body, but do not easily eat the corn husk, and in drinking corn husk water should pay attention to the amount of grasp.

Corn Husk

Although corn husk water is not harmful to the human body, it should not be used on an empty stomach, as it can easily make blood sugar low. If you have a mild cough, you can drink corn husk in water.


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