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Weight Loss Advice for Lazy People

You might be lazy, but even then you can take care of your health.

By Audrey TaylorPublished 5 years ago 4 min read

Being overweight is no fun. However, mere thinking of losing weight with all the starving and hard work that goes with it, isn't fun either. So, instead of going through the agony of intensive workouts or counting calories, the best possible way for a lazy person like yourself is to try to hack your body and mind to eat less and to move just a little bit more. There are ways to lose weight, while still enjoying life as it is. Here are some clever tips on how to lose weight without putting too much effort or exhausting yourself.

Sleep longer.

Instead of craving something every waking hour, be smart and take a nap. However, this is not about sleeping for 15 hours a day, since oversleep can be just as harmful as sleep deprivation. Know how much sleep you need to be healthy and functional, adopt good sleeping habits, and practice your beauty sleep, since it will keep you rest and energized. Lack of sleep can cause various mental and physical health problems, and it can be one of the reasons for your weight gain.

Rely on your laziness.

Prepare healthy snacks and keep them close. If you are a truly lazy person, a bowl of fruit or nuts at your hands reach will prevent you from getting up and walking to your chocolate stash. Once you have a bite of a juicy apple, your craving will stop. Healthy snacks will help you feel full at least for a while, and if the name does not suggest enough, here is another benefit: They are healthy.

Drink more water.

Without even knowing it, most of us are dehydrated. The moment when we recognize thirst as a sensation, it means our body signals a red alert. Many times, we even tend to misinterpret thirst for hunger. Drinking enough water is important for countless processes that go on in our bodies, but one of the great benefits of water it that it keeps us full. Stay hydrated and see how your body changes.

Avoid juice, soda, and (hopefully) alcohol.

Hydrating is necessary, but not with processed drinks. All of these beverages contain huge amounts of sugar and empty calories that add up your calorie intake during the day. Instead of grabbing a can of Coke, have a glass of water instead. Make your coffee and tea unsweetened, and if you happen to drink alcohol during the dinner, be smart enough to skip the dessert.

Control what you eat.

Balance your diet and try to eat more home-cooked meals. Include soup and salad in your meals, but try to avoid high-calorie dressings. Focus on protein-rich foods, as well as fibers. Eat more frequently, but have smaller portions. Interestingly enough, it will boost your metabolism and it will make you lose weight more easily. Never skip breakfast, and by all means, stay away from processed and junk food.

Play video games.

When craving kicks in, and when you feel terrible urge to order a pizza, feel free to enjoy your favorite video game. Playing video games will distract you enough to come over critical moments, although it can create another unhealthy addiction. Keep in mind that sitting on a couch with a phone in your hand may help you resist the craving, but it will not sculpt your perfect bottom.

Have fun getting in shape.

Since getting in shape requires some amount of physical activity, make sure to choose the one that will be interesting enough, while not too physically demanding—like cycling. Riding a bicycle is a great way to lose weight and to get in shape while enjoying the scenery or socializing in a group ride. Long and slow rides will most definitely burn some fat, so after you finish playing video games, make sure to visit a reliable bike store and check if they offer the slopestyle bike.

Play with colors.

Colors have a great impact on our brain and our senses, so keep that in mind when serving food next time. Desserts are best when served on a white plate since they seem sweeter. For some reason, white color amplifies our impression of sweetness, so keep your cakes low-sugar and serve them on white plates. Also, when eating your favorite food, serve it on a red plate because the red color symbolizes alert or warning and it is more likely that you will eat less.

Avoid mindless eating.

Food is our fuel, but it also is a great source of pleasure. Be mindful when eating and enjoy every bite. Take your time, don’t eat in a hurry. Don’t walk or stand while you're eating. Do not talk on the phone or watch a show on TV. Don’t check notifications on social networks. Be present at the moment and appreciate the food. Although you will eat much less, your meals will taste much better.


Losing weight is not rocket science, given that how we look depends mostly on our diet. Remember these tips the next time you crave sweets, and witness the progress for yourself.

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