Using Basil Essential Oil to Improve Your Mood

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Ocimum basilicum plant

Using Basil Essential Oil to Improve Your Mood

Next time you're feeling down, or sluggish, I want you to consider using Basil essential oil to improve your mood.

This delicious herb has so many more uses than just flavouring food!

As I sit here writing this, I have applied a drop to my wrists, and instantly feel even more inspired than I did earlier when I decided to write this article. For anyone struggling with assignments, or maybe you're a writer like me, this little gem really does get the creative juices flowing.

So, how does it work?

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Basil oil is known to stimulate the adrenal cortex in the brain, and your nervous system. In a way, it kind of 'wakes you up' or gives you a natural energy hit when you're feeling a bit bleh. It is also is said to reduce anxiety, mental fatigue, and depression amongst other things.

I can't wait to see it start to make improvements in your life, just as it has mine.

Here are some other things it can help with:

Stress relief

Basil can help reduce feelings of stress, and aid you to enter a more relaxed state. It helps to ground you, and bring you back to a place of calm. For me, when using Basil for this purpose, I like to pop some in my diffuser. I have noticed it brings a calming effect to the rest of my house too, when the kids have a touch of the crazies. Gosh I love seeing it work on the whole family! If you are like me and have a selection of portable oils in roller bottles that you take with you everywhere, roll some on your wrists when you’re out, if you’re suffering from anxiety or even just bad mood (or road rage when you’re driving, ha!) Side note: please keep your eyes on the road and do not apply this oil while the car is moving. Don't be stupid. Park the car first before applying. You'll be relaxed in no time.

Basil oil can help relax tense muscles.

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A nasty side effect of stress can often be tense muscles, and tension headache, and guess what, yet again you can use your basil oil to help with this. Basil oil is a natural muscle relaxant and perfect to add to the bath. It is a very strong oil though, so don’t overdo it.

For a relaxing bath, run some warm water and add epsom salts, basil oil, and perhaps some lavender (what a delicious combination these two make!) So that you don’t get floaty oils grouping on the top of your water, add some bubbles to diffuse the oils and get the most out of them. I guarantee you’ll hop out of the bath feeling like a brand new person. And no more tense muscles!

Basil oil can help with brain fog

Do you suffer from brain fog? Maybe you’re a student writing assignments, or you have to get those reports for work in on time, but it’s just not happening. Perhaps you’re a writer like me? Inhale that basil, baby! Basil is your friend, and will help clear brain fog and make you more productive.

Of course there are many more uses for this fantastic oil, but these are just a few that I wanted to point out.

Please note that in no way is this intended to be medical advice. If you are suffering from a serious condition please see your doctor.

Here is where I get my oils from if you'd like to add this lovely fragrance to your oily artillery. You can also get fractionated coconut oil from there too, to make roller bottles if you’re planning to apply the oil topically to your skin.

I will be writing lots more articles in the coming weeks about essential oils and their uses. Please check out my other articles, and if you love them, let me know by leaving a tip below, or sharing with your friends!

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