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Trying 10 days no carbs or sugar

Cutting things out for 10 days

Trying 10 days no carbs or sugar
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Like many people I first heard about this from Jennifer Lopez who had done it. Of course like many I thought that it was totally crazy. A lot of people started doing it to help them lose weight. While I have been on a weight loss journey, I knew that something like this was not going to help me lose weight and keep it off. You would of course lose a lot of water weight. But when I heard about it, it did get me thinking about just how hard it would be. When talking to people it was, well what can you eat? It made me curious just how long could I do it, could I do it for the whole 10 days. So I decided to try it out.

The first time I tried it I just said that I was going to do to for a few days. I just found it so hard to stick to it for a long period of time. I ran out of things to eat that didn't have either. And of course once you eat something that you aren't suppose to eat than it ruined so just stop. Just doing it for a few days I found that I was so hungry. And the side effect of not having any sugar at all was starting to get to me. I had a headache and I was starting to get short tempered.

What it showed me was just how much I was being affected by sugar. So I was determined to try again. I didn't care if I lost weight while I was doing it. To me that wasn't the point. I could see how much my body was affected by it and knew that my body needed a break. I also felt like I was a little bloated because of it all and I wanted to try to make that go away.

So I tried it a few more times, determined to show that I could do it. The first advice I can give is that you need to make sure that you plan accordingly. I know that planning for 10 days is a lot. You don't really need plan exactly what you are going to eat every day for 10 days if that is too much for you. But you need to make sure that you have a list of different plans you can make within the 10 days. That way when you get hungry you always have something to eat, a list to go to. I will also say that know that you will get hungry. Without carbs to fill me up I found that I was hungry all the time. You need to keep in mind that basically you are only eating vegetables and protein. I also think that if you are vegan or vegetarian I could see how this would be so very hard to do.

I was finally able to do the full 10 days. I lost a few pounds, but again it wasn't about that. I found that it did help me with the feeling of being bloated that I was feeling. I think that it just gave my system some time to reset itself, some time to relax.

The most important thing that I learned was just how much sugar and carbs I was eating. It was an eye opening experience for me. One that I do actually think is important for everyone to do. It makes you evaluate what it is that you are eating and just how good it is for you. Even things that you think are good for you, still most likely has some sugar or carbs. I am telling you that it is in everything that you do. I don't think that doing it for a long period of time is a realistic thing to do. No one can keep that up as a part of their regular lifestyle. It is something that everyone should do to change their mindset on what it is that you are really eating. Something that we all could use in this world. And if you have a major event, like a wedding, that you want to look your best for; then I could see how this would help. You might lose some weight and you will lose some bloating if you are feeling that.

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