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5 mistakes that lead to kidney failure! Kidney damage habits

By Navdeep Published 2 years ago 3 min read
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We all know that kidney is one of the most important organs of our body. There are two kidneys in our body and it is necessary for both of them to be healthy so that your body also remains healthy. Although many people have a kidney failure, but one kidney continues to function. But do you know why kidney damage happens? There can be many reasons behind this, some of which are your bad habits. Yes, these habits make you a victim of diseases like diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure, due to which there is a lot of damage to the kidney. Due to these diseases, the kidney is unable to filter the fluids in our body and gradually starts to deteriorate. Let us know about 5 such habits in the daily routine, which harm your kidneys.

1-Inactivity causes kidney problems

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To stay healthy, it is necessary to keep ourselves active, but when people become physically inactive then its effect starts on all our organs. Due to not being active, toxins start forming in the body and the ability of your kidneys to remove them also decreases and this habit starts affecting your kidneys. So start your Exercise journey as soon as possible because the Great line said that life is short but life is always sweet. You can use many yoga asanas to balance the body's fluids, that asanas are Baddha Konasana ,Marichyasana , Salamba Bhujangasana , Ardha Matsyendrasana ,Paschimottanasana, setu Bandhasana , Naukasana , Mandukasana, these are the All asanas.

2- Other diseases can cause kidney problems  

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Other Diseases Can Cause Kidney Problems Any person needs to maintain their blood pressure as well as blood sugar as both these conditions are the first step towards worsening kidney health. Often diabetic patients are more prone to kidney diseases, so you need to keep your blood sugar under control. Also take a step ahead to avoid many medicines at a time and also avoid overdoses of painkiller .To stay healthy Proper time gap of heavy doses of medicine .

 3-Eating habits causes kidney problems

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 You need to include a healthy diet in your diet, which helps in keeping you away from many diseases. Healthy diet works to maintain our health. Apart from this, you also have to take care of your water intake i.e, the amount of water. Too little or too much water obstructs the kidneys to filter the fluid present in the body. So take special care of food and drink. Don't eat fast and avoid overeating to overcome the digestion problem.

 4- Maintain the right weight (unhealthy weight causes kidney problems)

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Maintain the Right Weight (Unhealthy Weight Causes Kidney Problems) You have to correct your deteriorating lifestyle and follow a proper daily routine. Apart from this, you have to help yourself in maintaining the right weight because increasing belly and waist fat can increase your risk of diseases. Eat Less is not the Right way to Maintain Weight but Proper and Healthy food intake is needful to your Body Weight. So try to maintain the right weight.

 5-Keep these things in mind (What can I do to keep my kidneys healthy?)

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Keep these things in mind (What Can I Do To Keep My Kidneys Healthy?) 5.1- Eat fresh food because eating stale food causes damage to the kidney. 5.2- Avoid consumption of tobacco containing products like cigarettes, bidis. 5.3- Take medicines only on the advice of the doctor because the medicine causes damage to the kidney. 5.4-Quit alcohol consumption.

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