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Top 10 famous web series in India.

Top 10 famous web series in India.

By Navdeep Published 3 years ago 2 min read
Top 10 famous web series in India.
Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

If you are getting bored because we have more time and less work then go for the ten web series which is famous in India and people are like so much. These web series are available free on youtube or telegram group. Here we go with

1). Family men

This is the Amazon Prime Hindi famous web series. It is the story of tasc force agent Shrikant Tiwari and their life incident in tasc . The best part of the web series was the comedy, thrill, and action. The main crisp part of this web series is the friendship of JK and Shrikant Tiwari. The worth of the web series is Manoj Bajpayee acting they steal the hearts of the audience.

2). Scam1992

They are basically the real story and the characters are real. The story is about the 2008 economic crisis of the stock market and the whole crisis is real. This web series is famous among youngsters. This is the Indian web series that has the highest positioning. The show got good popularity for its exhibitions, nice storyline.

3). Aspirants

This is a web series based on the life of an IAS aspirant and their hard work. Their IMDB rating was 9/10. The cast of aspirants is superb and their work is wonderful. This web series is presented by TVF.

4). Kota factory

This is the show which shows the life of students who prepare for the IIT jee exam and want to become Indians. It also shows the lifestyle of Kota city among the students. Jeetu bhaiya is one of the characters who are very recognisable among the youngsters.

5) Pitchers

It is the story of four youngsters who plan for a startup when they are in college. If you're also interested in startups then you must watch this web series.


This is the amazon prime web series and their IMDB rating is 8.8/10. The whole story is based on an engineering graduate who wants to do high scale jobs but lacks these jobs they become the secretary of a panchayat office in Phulera village of Rajasthan.

7. Paatal Lok

Palatal Lok is one of the best Amazon prime web series which was released in 2020 and their IMDB rating is7.8/10.These web series have their core competency is the acting of Jaideep ahlawat (known as hathiram chaudhry).

8) Little things

This web series Presents a simple couple story which correlates with little things that happen in their life. The web series is basically shown girlfriend boyfriend story and their chemistry.

9) College Romance

College Romance web series is the story of good friends and their life in college. This web series is a combination of comedy and romance. All the Character is very good and their comedy timing is superb. This was the best web series for college romance. This web series IMDB rating was 8.9/10 and this is available on youtube but their second season is available on or sony liv app.

10)Bandish Bandits.

This was a very good web series which shows the difference between classical vs pop singing. The audience was very curious about the hardships of classical singers. It was a great masterpiece among the web series and it depicts cultural values and ethics very well. Its IMDB rating was 8.7/10 and this web series is available on Amazon prime only.


If You want to enjoy a moment in your life through web series then go for these web series and I must say that you enjoy it a lot.


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