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Things Healthy People Do Every Day

by Lindsie Polhemus 5 years ago in advice / list / how to

By carving out a few extra minutes each morning, you can participate in things healthy people do every day in your own life.

It’s been nine minutes and your alarm goes off for the second time. You hit that little magic snooze button once more and after another nine minutes, your alarm sounds again, like an air horn in your ear. Each time you close your eyes with a sigh of relief and say in your head, “These nine minutes are really going to make my day better.” After the fourth or fifth snooze, you hop out of bed in a rush and grab your clothes and your work bag, stop at the local coffee drive through for a large coffee, a greasy breakfast wrap and fried hash browns and speed hastily on your way to work. At your desk, you turn on your computer, scarf down your breakfast and immediately feel tired. You close your eyes with a sigh and say in your head “Those nine minutes really didn’t make my day better.”

While routine may seem like it works, it is actually just adding stress to your life. Skipping those snoozes, getting out of bed at the first alarm, stretching and then enjoying a hearty, healthy breakfast are just some of the things healthy people do every day. In addition to adding to the start of your day, doing these little things in the morning can set the tone for your whole day and keep up the momentum needed to have a successful day. Add these elements in slowly or jump in with both feet and join in on the things that healthy people do every day.

They Drink Water First

After sleeping all night, one of the first things your body needs is some hydration. Drinking a glass of water as soon as you get up is something that healthy people do every day. It kick starts your metabolism, gets things flowing and gets your digestive system ready for action. Add in a squeeze of lemon for some flavor if that’s what you prefer. And a good thing about starting your day with a glass of water is that it counts to the recommended 2 liters of water you’re supposed to drink each day.

They Stay Away from the Phone or Media

Those Facebook notifications can definitely wait. Those work emails could probably wait a little bit too. After shutting off your alarm, leave the phone alone. Bad news in the media or an upsetting Facebook post can set the stage for your whole day. Wait until you’re up and at ‘em until you start checking social media. Or don’t check it at all. Instead, one of the things healthy people do every day is skip the cell phone and think about what you want to accomplish throughout the day, who you want to reach out to, what you want for lunch. All things that can better you and your quality of life. You don’t need to see that Angela’s car broke down and she’s having the worst day. Not yet, at least.

They Stretch

Most of us inherently stretch while we’re still in bed and waking up each morning anyway, but one of the things healthy people do every day is get out of bed and really commit to a good stretch. You can stay in your pajamas. This isn’t a fashion show. But spend a few minutes after you shut off the alarm to stretch your arms, legs, neck, even your fingers and toes. After a (hopefully) long night’s sleep, stretching can get the blood flowing and get you energized. Additionally, it has long lasting benefits including improved flexibility and agility. A better range of motion in your joints contributes to joint health and enables your muscles to work to their full potential.

They Exercise and/or Meditate

I know exercising in the morning sounds like an oxymoron, but it helps kick start your day and your metabolism, which is why it’s one of the things healthy people do every day. After a long day of work, you may feel dragged down, tired, and just not into putting in a good work out. But by exercising in the morning, you can jump start your momentum to get your day accomplished. Exercising in the morning also affirms that after work or school, you have the rest of the night to enjoy a meal and a good book without the pressure to hit the gym after a long day in the office.

If working out isn’t for you, you can opt for meditating daily to get your day going. It doesn’t have to be a lengthy session, but a committed 20 minutes of meditation each day can help center your emotions and ground you before a busy day. Starting your day with a sense of calm and relaxation sets the pace for the rest of your day and the encounters you will have. By meditating in the morning, you give your brain and body time to wake up without shocking your system. Additionally, meditation each morning may make you less likely to drink coffee, can help counteract stress, and decrease the amount of headaches.

They Wake Up Early

Believe it or not, waking up earlier does have its benefits and its something that healthy people do every day. By waking up early, you have time to get your morning routine complete without rushing around and getting stressed out. Whether that includes stretching, making your bed, or just sitting for a few minutes to look out the window, allowing yourself the time to complete a few simple tasks induces the momentum to finish the rest of your tasks throughout the day. Additionally, if you have children that also need to get ready each morning, waking up early will give you the time you need to get yourself ready so you can give your attention to them and getting out the door on time.

They Read

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Reading is one thing healthy people do every day because it gets their brain going early on. They don’t have to wait until they’re at work to have their brain back in action after a night’s sleep. By helping your brain to wake up, you can be more productive throughout your day. It could be a few pages of a book or reading over the list of things your child needs for school. Even reading over your To-Do list for the day is helpful.

They Smile

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A wise man once said, “Smile, its free therapy.” Giving off a smile invites people to speak to you in a friendly and kind manner. Also, people are more likely to help you if you speak to them with a smile, which can be helpful with your family, at the grocery store, or in the office. A person with a smile on their face exudes confidence and assurance of themselves and the day ahead of them, thus receiving positive vibes and intentions from those around them. Smiling decreases the stress inducing hormones that can affect your physical and mental well being in a negative way.

They Eat a Good Breakfast

Everyone always says breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It helps to activate your metabolism and feeds your body and mind. Choosing something healthy such as egg omelette with your favorite veggies or a bowl of oatmeal over a bowl of sugary cereal allows you to get a great meal in while still following your diet. Eating breakfast gives you the energy your body needs to wake up and get through the day.

They Set Up (and Stick with) a Sleep Schedule

Even as adults, sticking to a set bedtime is a very important part of what healthy people do every day. Keeping a routine when it comes to bedtime keeps your body in a flow because going to bed at 9:00 PM one night and midnight the next two might send your body out of whack. Just as children need a set bedtime to keep their schedule on point and work them into a routine, adults need the same structure after a day at work and tending to family.

They Listen to Music and Sing Along

Music wakes up the brain and can be a great way to get your day started on the right foot. Whether its rock n' roll, instrumental, or Disney hits, turning up the volume to some music they enjoy is what healthy people do every day. That feel good music can really get you into a groove that will have you boppin’ along for the rest of the day. Choose your favorite upbeat tune to bring your mind to a positive happy place while you meditate or on your way to work.

They Get Right Out of Bed

While that snooze button may seem like your best friend when the alarm goes off each morning, it’s actually doing more harm than good. Allowing your body to stay in bed makes it harder with each alarm that goes off. Scientifically, each time you snooze, your brain starts its sleep cycle all over again. When the alarm sounds again, you are awoken from a deeper sleep in an earlier part of your sleep cycle which can immediately leave you feeling drained. Also, hitting that snooze button takes time away from the time that can be spent stretching, eating a great breakfast, meditating or even just getting the family ready and out the door.

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