The Trouble with Brain Health Supplements

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Are they worth buying?

The Trouble with Brain Health Supplements

Geoff was 52 when he felt that he was losing focus. He had trouble paying attention through an entire presentation until the end. He remembered that it was not like that a few years ago. In fact, he was the first with questions and objections, the most lively part of any presentation.

We know that men like Geoffrey and women who have crossed the age of fifty take brain health supplements. It is believed that supplements increase focus and attention spans.

In fact, according to surveys, one out of four adults to take brain health supplements.

But there is no scientific evidence that there is any benefit at all. Most people who take supplements swear by them but then it may be a placebo effect.

The FDA checks for claims for curing any illnesses so they can verify it. Beyond that, they have no procedure to check supplements. There is no regulation that makes any checks to find out whether these supplements work at all.

Why Do You Have Bad Memory?

First and foremost, age is a factor that works against good brain health. The older you get, the lower will be your retention span. You will tend to forget names, events and then later even faces.

Besides age, depression is also a big cause of weak memory. But, it affects short-term memory and the part of the mind that controls motor skills is not affected.

Vitamins For Increasing Memory And Concentration

Vitamin B will give you enhanced memory and better focus. You will notice an immediate difference at work and in your home.

Imagine being able to remember the names of people you might usually forget. Like the name of the person you spoke to on the bus a week ago!

We can find important B Vitamins in foods that include the following:

  • Eggs
  • Spinach
  • Potatoes
  • Milk
  • Green beans

Make sure that you include these items in your regular diet. Organic consumption of nutrients is the best and does not pose any side effects.

What Medicine Improves Memory?

Huperzine A is used by those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. But you can also take it for enhancing memory and concentration.

On whether it is safe - there have been no problems reported for short-term use. There is not enough research to suggest whether there will be any risks in the long term.

Huperzine A is found in Chinese club moss, the traditional Chinese medicine for clearing the mind.

Is There A Way To Sharpen Memory?

There are ways to sharpen memory naturally and through supplements. I have been a firm believer in consuming the right foods to keep illnesses at bay. The same stands true for sharpening memory.

A regular diet encompassing the essential nutrients needed for the brain will do the trick.

Good goods include apples, blueberries, carrots, garlic, and bananas. Healthy fats in nuts, fish and olive oil are beneficial too. Whole grains taken as a staple will improve memory.

So Are Brain Supplements Healthy?

In conclusion brain supplements have been beneficial for some who believe in them. Of course, there is no proof that having these supplements is bound to improve brain health. Short-term effects show no risk, so taking them for a few months should be fine.

But making it a part of your long-term intake of supplements and medicines may not be advisable. There is no scientific research to back up claims by the companies producing them.

Remember, supplements are commercial products promoted like any other product in the market.

You don’t have to believe in all that they have to say. The safest way to improve memory and focus is to include the right nutrients in your diet. You can also save the money that you may have spent on supplements.

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