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The Monster Behind the Candy Bar

by Kathy Lester 4 years ago in health

The Sad Truth About Diabetics Who Don't Recognize Or Control Their Angry Behavior

Don't be a victim or victimize someone with your uncontrolled anger.

It’s hard being a victim of this. It doesn’t happen every day, but it happens often. You can’t control when it happens or the outbursts behind it only because you are not the one that is angry but the one that is being angered at because of your existence but it happens and it happens quickly. It makes the target like yourself just want to run far away without looking back. Instead of being the puncher, you actually become the punching bag. Moreover, you know why it happens, but the person that is struggling with the high sugar blood level content because they are suffering with diabetes has absolutely no idea what you are talking about, let alone do they actually believe you when you tell them that they have a serious anger problem. And if they do know what you are talking about, they don’t always want to face their angry behavior at all or believe that they are actually hurting someone, whether it’s physically, mentally or verbally.

High blood sugar content that is not controlled to normal levels (because they have diabetes) can get out of hand sometimes and cause the individual to unskillfully handle their anger. Am I saying that everyone that has diabetes acts like this? No, because there are individuals out there that recognize their symptoms and know when the disease is making them act out beyond normal anger levels. They know how to control it by controlling their sugar and know how to control it by controlling their emotions every day and all of the time. They already know and realize it is something that they have to face because it comes along with the disease and they have a solution to remedy the existing problem.

If you know of someone that is fine one minute and gets super irritated and angry the next minute and it’s not because of their normal human nature they were born with, then the odds are good that their blood sugar levels are off, thus making them diabetic.

So, how can someone control his or her anger and not allow it to fester and hurt someone else? First, they need to accept and realize that they react like this and they need to acknowledge that their angry emotions need to be controlled. There’s not a human alive whether young or old, big or small that has to put up with or deserves to be around an angry person all of the time. A person that acts out their anger can do possibly anything harmful, like hurt a person physically or an object like maybe wrecking their car or someone else’s or punching a hole through the wall of their house. It’s not ever safe for anyone to be around an angry person.

Once the diabetic accepts and acknowledges the fact they have anger issues, then they can draw out a mental plan and find ways to practice their emotions without being completely stuck in them.

Here are several ways that have helped many diabetics control their anger:

  • A silent walk outside while looking at the beauty of nature.
  • Meditation
  • Prayer
  • Yoga
  • Journaling
  • Swimming
  • Play a contact sport
  • Take deep breaths
  • Play an instrument or sing

Many people do not realize that anger can also cause their hormone levels to rise, such as cortisol, which also increases your weight, but it also can cause your blood sugar as well as your blood pressure to increase to which after so long can make you terminally ill or can ultimately kill you. If you approach it correctly and learn to control your anger, you will feel healthier and happier for many years to come.


Kathy Lester

I'm a published author with two major publishers, a graphic designer, co-founder of Madcap Toys, a mom to three adult sons and a Nana to four grandchildren. If you like what you are reading, send me a gift or tip.

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Kathy Lester
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