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The Future of Household, Wellness, and Health Product Shopping

by Andrew Bryant 2 years ago in lifestyle

Everybody is searching for ways to save time and money and everyone wants to have a healthier lifestyle for themselves and their loved ones. Here's why $1 (with a "catch" of a $19/year subscription) could change the way you "grocery" shop forever.

The Future of Household, Wellness, and Health Product Shopping

If you have never heard of Melaleuca before, you are probably pretty skeptical right now about "just another one of these subscription scam websites." I personally have been looking for meal replacement type products (currently waiting on some Soylent to ship), and I am definitely going to be ordering some protein shakes, vitamins, sports drink mixes, and energy bars from this website.

Take a look at the booming businesses that cut out the middle man and ship straight to the consumer, like Amazon. This takes cutting out the middle man to the next level. Melaleuca manufactures all of their own products to ensure they are the highest quality, and ship directly to the consumer to cut out as much cost as possible.

They also have no shareholders, this allows them to continue as the leading wellness online shopping club in North America, look at the website if you are interested at all. I am impressed with every new product I learn about, seeing more and more things that I could replace in my apartment, from dish soap and shampoo to vitamins and protein shakes.

They have just under 500 total health/nutrition/wellness products and have maintained a debt free status, an increase in revenue, and has helped a lot of people save time they would have spent going to Wal-Mart for example, where they can get healthier products that they would be buying anyway for the same price, and have it shipped straight to their door. This is an international business by the way, with 2 locations in the U.S. and over a dozen others globally.

I am a pretty skeptical person myself, but that skepticism quickly faded as I browsed the products and did my "super serious" side by side comparison. For example, they have a sports drink powder product that is a cheaper and healthier alternative to other sports drinks like Gatorade or Powerade.

When I compared it to Gatorade powder, it was still cheaper and they don't even post any nutritional information, which I for one think says quite a lot about the product. And all of their products are non-toxic, high-concentrated products that just do simple things that make a lot of sense. Like high-concentrated shampoo; buy a $6.50 bottle (I know it's not as cheap as your $1.99 WalMart shampoo, but you will be using a quarter as much and still be getting double the clean out of it, and I guarantee it is much healthier for your hair.

Still need convincing? Take a look at some of their products for yourself, everything is made with healthy ingredients, for both you and the environment, and have affordable prices, which is a huge factor for a cheap-skate like me.

Now, before you go and Google this amazing company, please take a moment and use my referral link below, I would really appreciate it. It has no extra cost to you and it is a more convenient option because it will give you a link in the top right to contact me directly if you are interested.

This isn't like other referral programs where I hit it and quit it after you click this link. They want people like me to spread the word, and help other people get educated, the ultimate goal is to help people live healthier lives, save time and put a few dollars aside that they would have spent buying four bottles of tide vs one bottle of Melapower (which is better for the environment and your health as well as more cost effective in the long run).

There is an incredible business opportunity as well with this referral program, since this business has no shareholders and has been debt free since it started 30+ years ago, they are able to provide significant bonuses to their "employees." I put that in quotes because you are pretty much just working for yourself, I only spread the word about this company as much as I choose to, and I only refer as many people as I am willing to put the work in to do so.

I am not a popular blogger by any means so if you are at all interested in this. You can become a customer for the insanely high price of $1 and try some of these amazing products, or become a potential referral person like me yourself for an even more ridiculous price of $19 a year (not sorry for my terrible sarcasm). Either way, please use my referral link, take a look at the website and its products.

Remember to click the link in the top right of the page to contact me directly, I will be more than happy to take some time and talk with you about Melaleuca :)

Here is my referral link!

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