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The Elusive Traveler

Inside the Carpetbag

By Ocusan MPublished 5 months ago 9 min read

The morning sun was peeking through the museum windows as the curator drank her morning coffee before walking by the artifacts. Her office was located in the back where she passed by the most enticing display of art that attracted hundreds of people each day’ The artifact was the bust of Nefertiti that had been moved to Berlin in 1924 as a gift to Emperor Wilhelm. The head became the star of the museum while the reason it was taken from her homeland of Egypt was a sensitive subject. The German people wanted to return it while there was something about her presence that kept them from doing so. Maybe it was the way the film stars adored it, or how Marlene’s costumes seemed to glitter more with the precious stone glittering through the glass cube she rested in. Their were other Egyptian artifacts in the museum such as Gate of Kalabsha & the statue of Amenemhat that stand in the museum rotunda. Yet it was under the bright lights that shon down upon the Queen Nefertiti where the curator heard a most unusual voice. Please talk to me Helios, I demand it! The curator who was Egyptian herself understood the ancient language, although the museum wasn’t open yet & entirely empty. She heard the female voice again while standing unseen behind a pillar. Helios! Why do you remain silent? It seemed unbelievable & yet she could see the lips of Nefertiti moving while she spoke! The curator who’s name was Tatuba couldn’t resist it anymore. Approaching the bust she studied her for awhile then asking how she could speak. Dear Queen, I heard you speaking, please prove to me I am not hallucinating. The silent lips began to quiver where Tatuba stepped closer. The face that had been silent for centuries repositioned its eyes looking up. The one missing eye remained closed. Her lips opened while she cried out in pain. I have been sitting here throughout time for ages with my lips sealed! I grow so tired of people after people staring at me while I say not a word! Who were you talking to as the museum hasn’t opened? Helios! He’s standing in the other room, although I can see him! The statue of the Sun God was another spectacle to see, admired by many. Oh, if only he would answer! Her eye seemed to cry a tear within her chamber. I can’t believe you are talking, how does the statue of the Goddess speak? Her limestone lips spoke more: The Goddess does not want to speak anymore! Her lips sealed back while a guard entered to switch on more lights. The museum opened where onlookers began to file in. The mystery of the ancient Queen would have to wait until after closing. Tatuba walked back to her office, puzzled by what she had encountered. Waiting for the full day to end Tatuba again approached the living relic of antiquity. Her vision became alive as she saw that she was alone with the curator. Get me out of here! I beg of you! I’ve been here for almost a century! How do you think I can manage that? The glass is fixed so if tampered with a alarm will sound. Even as the museum curator I am powerless. The lone bust darted her presence around the room. How did you learn how to speak? Was there something that occurred to awakened your spirit? I had a visitor of course, someone who I shall never forget. Whom might that be? A singer who sang to me with a voice so elusive as it stretched far back to the ancients! Where is this person now? I’m not sure he lives in a country that resembles my home world, & yet the flag’s flying in the background portray a unknown origin. He didn’t tell you where he was from? He said from Serene, although I’ve never heard of it. How do I reach him? He could help. He told me his phone number, if I ever had a way to use such a device. Give it to me, I’ll try to get through. After reciting the digits, Tatuba dialed on her cellphone. A man answered with a deep voice. Tatuba explained how she was a curator in the museum where the famous statue began to talk. His reaction was paused for a while, then he spoke in a muffled tone. Listen very closely, what you have seen is to be remain top secret..She must need my help if she contacted you. Tatuba described how she wanted out of her enclosure, desperately pleading for help. The strange voice instructed Tatuba to remain calm, & that he would be there as soon as possible. The connection hung up, leaving only the option to wait. Oddly enough Madam Tatuba left her cellphone upon the glass case after informing the bust of Queen Nefertiti that the man was arranging to arrive within a few days. When she returned the next morning, curator Tatuba found her phone had been flipped over where it had been playing videos where Nefertiti was viewing. There is my phone! How could I leave it there? She began to wonder if the bust had magnetism as it felt supernatural seeing a notorious bust viewing images upon a cellular screen. What on earth were you watching? I watched a movie where a spaceship hovered above a field & lifted up a entire cow! If only one could lift me in that manner! That would be nice, I could just have you moved to the garden atrium. I know it’s make believe to you but I have vague memories of being in a space craft so many millenniums back in time.. Before she could think of a response Madam Curator was startled by the appearance of a well dressed man who seemed to come from out of nowhere. I came as fast as I could, he said extending his handshake to Tatuba. He introduced himself as Mr Corsey from Serene. Just where is Serene? The man standing in a off white suit smiled with a twinkle in his eye that hypnotized Madam Tatuba. It wasn’t an answer she was looking for, but the light in his eyes overwhelmed her. He held a slightly worn carpetbag that he sat down upon the carpet as his eyes met with his friend in the glass case. It’s been a long time since I saw her. He spoke to the Madam while fixing his eyes upon his Queen. She wants to be taken out of the display, as she said you might know of a way. She’s been there for eons, I know as I brought her to life being an ancient myself. How were you capable of doing so? I live between two worlds, as the world I live restores my existence, where I would be long deceased into dust if not. His eyes were memorizing shining like diamonds. The Goddess recognizes the voice of my master. The Queen who had been silent demanded attention. The man who called himself Mr Corsey beamed his eyes into the statue. He began to sing his serpent like songs that became high pitched as his eyes searched for the invisible laser beams hidden in the walls of the alarm system. I shall free you my ancient love, your mind & body set free, for I have the powers of the universal tree..He sang while his eyes found the first laser, & switched it off. I once knew you as your King, blessed by all eternity..He located the second laser, switching it off. We ruled together side by side. He sung while finding the third laser. I once called you my fertile wife. As the third laser was shut down, the encased bust began to rise. Because I knew you all my life, We died together in tombs one mile wide! With that note the case began to crack. It split into two while the alarms remained silent. The gap was large enough for the removal of the Queen. Corsey lifted her out, placing her into his carpetbag while Tatuba stood stunned from ancient magic. Where does the divine wish to journey? I think it would be wise to take her back to her homeland where she requests. Tatuba answered as best as she knew after witnessing the work of a unknown man whom she was thinking may be an extraterrestrial. He grabbed her hand, come with me Madam to a place where old ancestors dwell where the Queen will be free’ His eyes shinned through the Museum after hours halls switching off lights as he walked. Madam curator followed. He had a private plane waiting at the airport where he placed the carpetbag into while helping Tatuba adjust. She didn’t know why but she trusted him as they taxied away with the most expensive piece of merchandise known to man. They flew for many hours as Tatuba fell asleep while the terrain below began to look dusty as when she woke she knew she was somewhere else. Looking down at the sand she wondered if she had done the right thing. It was the spirit of the ancient Queen who became alive she thought as she wondered how she transformed within the limestone. Since it was a live entity it felt the right thing to do. Mr Corsey smiled at her while piloting the controls. She had dreamt of him as a King, husband of Nefertiti who found a way to transform into another being by entering into another world. This world was where they were headed to. The plane’s engine began to descend where the desert didn’t seem like the sands of Egypt she knew as a child. A tiny landing strip of salt was all there was that made the landing feel out of place. Don’t worry Corsey said in her language, here she will rest undisturbed. Getting out of the plane the carpetbag was placed upon the sand where the figure was removed. He held her in his hands as she glistened in the sun. Your free now my beauty! Corsey kissed her stony lips while the red paint smeared off melting from the heat. She breathed heavily sighing with relief as she looked at the desert landscape. You have done well my love! She breathed as if she had never breathed before, her grains of sand she was a composite of began to decompose. Oh no! What have we done! Tatuba exclaimed. The man from Serene assured, It’s alright, her spirit will find a new life, as she has chosen the path of reincarnation.’ The sands of her great stature shifted into the air as if an offering to the afterlife. Then as she parted into the other world, her voice recited as if from her memories being one with the wind..Engulfed in the desert’s parched silence, I was nothing but another grain of sand in the wind..


About the Creator

Ocusan M

I write in a surrealistic style learning new realities as i researched Quantum physics in Quantum Dreaming where the man had a Quantum computer in his home that could see into the future.

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