The Benefits of Bodyweight Training and Weight Lifting

by Dasia Baker about a year ago in fitness

Which is the best?

The Benefits of Bodyweight Training and Weight Lifting

One of the things I think we don’t realize coming into fitness is that it isn’t a sprint, it’s a journey. It’s going to have its ups and downs. When the ups and downs come, we must remember why we started. When I first started fitness and working out, I thought I was going to see results quickly. I would wake up every morning, go the bathroom, and look in the mirror, hoping to see a six pack. I’ve been involved with fitness for two years now. One of the things I have taken from it is… that the results you want to see don't come overnight, but small bits of progress do. The small bits of progress make up the big result you want to see.

When I first started exercising, I was in my bedroom doing exercises I saw on YouTube, or people doing on Instagram. Some went like this:

  • Core Workout/Get Abs in Seven Minutes
  • 60 Seconds Bicycle Crunches
  • 60 Seconds, Plank Hold
  • 60 Seconds, Side Plank each side
  • 60 Seconds, Mountain climbers
  • Three Rounds with 45 Second Rest

There was nothing necessarily wrong with these workouts, they all focus on your core, and some even work your obliques. The thing was it is misleading. There isn’t a way you can possibly get abs in seven minutes. Most people think if I do 500 sit ups, I’ll have abs. Nope, not happening. Nutrition plays a big part in it. If you have want abs, you must work on your nutrition. If you want muscle, your nutrition must be on point to build it. Nutrition plays a huge role in your fitness journey, so don’t neglect it.

Right now, there's a big debate going of weightlifting versus bodyweight training. I love both. Most of the exercises on my Instagram are bodyweight exercises, but I do both.

Most people think we cannot build muscle with bodyweight training. First thing I am going to say is anything is possible... for example, say you are doing pushups, wear a weight vest or do them quicker. Also, remember to eat in a calorie surplus. Bodyweight training can also help you build a great physique.

Weight training is amazing too. I love it. It is easier to gain muscle with it. Weight training is also great to help with any muscle imbalances because you can perform exercises individually. For example, bicep curls can be performed individually, so if you need to focus on your left arm strength more then you can. Weight training helps improve tendon strength, metabolism, and bone density. One of the things you hear with weight training, especially from females, is I don’t want to look all bulky and look like a guy. What do I say to them? YOU WON'T. First, to build up that much muscle, you will have to eat in a calorie surplus and you still won't look bulky.

I would recommend that, if you are beginner in fitness, to focus on more bodyweight exercises to help improve your form. For example, before jumping to barbell squats, do regular squats to get your form right. Weight training and bodyweight training are amazing, and they both have amazing benefits. If you are working on building muscle/toning strength, both trainings can be great for it. All you must do is gradually add more resistance, and it’ll happen. Remember to be patient, check your form, rest, and remember nutrition is also important. If you are training for size then weightlifting and using machines at the gym is best for it because you are trying to induce hypertrophy weightlifting. Not saying bodyweight training wouldn’t do it for you, but weightlifting and machines are more effective than bodyweight training.

Hypertrophy is the enlargement of an organ or tissue from the increase in size of its cells.

Ensure you remember these three thing's: Nutrition, rest, and proper recovery.

Don’t forsake it, because if you do, you will not see the progress you are looking for.

Dasia Baker
Dasia Baker
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