Telling the Body to Heal

by Kristine Renfro 11 months ago in psychology

Quick Overview of How to Heal the Body

Telling the Body to Heal

Tapping into an unlimited healing ability is something everyone wants to accomplish. Can you imagine a world where that can actually happen? Can you imagine waking up with pain, being able to send energy to the area and having it be relieved within minutes? Modern medicine has blocked that ability with lies so that they can make money off of society. The government has also added blocks so that they can get a percentage off that dollar. Millions of tax payer money is spent on research but yet there are no conclusions why people are getting sick. How can we cure cancer when we are blinded by the falseness of the small information that we are led to believe. If you do your own research, you will see and understand the greatness of the human body and mind. We have the ability to overcome any obstacles that are placed in front of us, and that includes diseases like cancer. For centuries before modern medicine, people were able to grow and make their own remedies that cured their sickness. With trial and error, they have succeeded. Money back then was not the issue; they simply just wanted to live, and proved that till the government took control.

The body is an amazing healing tool that we can learn to harness and use. We can heal our own bodies and also heal those that are in need; research and share the ancient knowledge of healing; tap into the deep roots of the earth and heal; allow the energy to flow simply by the mere thought of intent to heal. Some situations are dire and should be sought out for help from a doctor, but only to be analyzed with a close eye. Once you learn the problem, then your mind can heal the rest. Simply just say to yourself ‘heal’ and it shall happen. I have done so for many years; have watched my body heal deep wounds within days that should have taken weeks to heal. I am not a super human; I have just learned how to tap into my mind for healing and allowed the energy to flow where it’s needed. It took some years to learn so I’m not stating that it’s an easy task. With patience and practice one can learn to harness their natural ability to heal.


  1. Mediate to clear the mind
  2. Imagine energy of white light on the outside of the body
  3. Allow that energy to flow in through the feet
  4. Allow the energy to find the area that is of pain
  5. With the thought of healing in mind, send energy to that area
  6. Feel the warm, tingling sensations and relief (don’t be afraid)
  7. Allow your energy to travel the body and heal all the areas

(You will find yourself become tired after the session and that’s okay. Just take a nap for however long you can. Sleeping also gives the body a chance to heal.

Then, once the areas are healed to your capacity, allow the energy to flow out through your head

(Don’t allow energy to linger, as it will continue to harm your body.)

Once you follow these steps, you'll allow your body to heal the way it knows how too. You will start noticing a difference in everyday life, and you'll be more relaxed, happy and grounded. You will be able to take on every day hurdles that will no longer drag you down. Believe and have faith that everything will wonderful. The mind wants the body to be at full optimum health and do that one must be opened like our ancestors have been for thousands of years. To be able to connect deeply with the Earth and connected with everyone on it. Everything can when connected can create a beautiful world, one without fear and chaos.


How does it work?
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