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Tarot for the Modern Age

by Elaine Radosevich about a year ago in social media
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With New Styles and Imagery, There's a Deck Out There for Everyone

Tarot for the Modern Age
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As a person who makes their living as a psychic reader, I know my way around a tarot deck. Instagram knows this too, apparently, and is constantly showing me ads for new decks up for sale, usually incredibly beautiful ones created by independent artists that rely heavily on social media to promote their businesses. These aren’t your typical tarot cards with medieval-style art that I’m sure come to mind along with images of crystal balls and clouds of incense. Instead, the decks up for offer on social media are modern and geared to a younger audience.

Tarot, and the realm of new-age and pagan-influenced spirituality commonly associated with it, has been getting an upgrade in the modern era. The decks featured heavily on social media aren’t your great aunt’s version of the centuries-old divinatory cards: They’re created with cultural changes and current styles in mind. And if you’re one of those people who thinks of older ladies doling out questionable advice in dimly lit rooms when you think of tarot, let me show you what the modern world of tarot has to offer.

I know what you’re thinking: Why should I care about tarot? Maybe you’re thinking “But I’m not psychic! Why would I possibly want to buy a deck?” And I get it, I do! But the thing is, tarot isn’t just some tool that only certain people can use and it certainly isn’t about predicting the future or determining whether or not you’ll meet someone tall, dark, and handsome. Today, it’s taken on the role of being a tool for introspection. Think of tarot cards, in a way, as a means of checking in with yourself, like a daily affirmation or journal prompt. They’re a way to connect with and learn more about yourself, just like those ice-breaker cards that sometimes get thrown around at corporate events or that you might remember from your college orientation.

Today’s tarot decks are also art in and of themselves. If you love indie artists or have ever bought a print off of Etsy, a Tarot deck might be right up your alley. Not only can you use it as a way to connect with your inner self, but you get a beautiful piece of artwork (technically 78 pieces of art, to be more accurate!) that you can keep out to look at and admire. But that’s enough about that. With all that in mind, let me show rather than tell a few of my favorite decks that I’ve found through social media.

The Weaver Tarot: Journeyer Edition

This deck is the first deck I came across through targeted ads and let me tell you, was I hooked immediately. Printed on thick, high-quality cardstock with gold edging and holographic images, these cards are gorgeous through and through. The changing colors and unique designs had me sold instantly, and to this day it’s one of my favorites. If you loved literary analysis in high school, you’ll enjoy decoding the symbolism included in the art of each card and with non-gendered card names, this deck is about as modern and inclusive as it gets.

Check it out here!

If holographic isn’t your thing, check out their Ascendant Edition, done in all black, of the same deck here.

And if you prefer an oracle deck, they make a gorgeous nature-themed set of cards that you can find here.

The Spacious Tarot

The Spacious Tarot is perfect for the nature-lover. If you spend most of your weekends out in the woods, this deck might just be for you. When I found this set of cards through yet another targeted ad, I was instantly drawn in by the vibrant colors and nature-themed imagery. Even better, this deck comes with a gorgeous and straightforward guidebook that’s perfect for any beginners out there who want to dive more into learning tarot.

Find out more here!

Divine Feminine Tarot

The third deck I purchased thanks to social media is the Divine Feminine Tarot, in black. Also edged in gold, these cards are more centered on the feminine (as the name suggests) and include plenty of witchy imagery that speaks to the modern surge in younger women identifying as Wiccan or Pagan. Regardless of your spiritual beliefs, the beautiful artwork and wood-styled backings are lovely to look at and make a great deck for anyone who’s hoping to lean more into their witchy side.

Give it a look here!

The Deck That's Right for You

When it comes to the world of tarot, there are tons of stunning decks out there. As this new wave of spirituality grows amongst younger generations, it’s likely we’ll be seeing more and more of these modern decks popping up, trying to offer something new and different to the Millennial/Gen Z crowd. If you’re thinking of diving more into your own spirituality or looking for a new tool for journaling and introspection, consider giving tarot a try. Whether or not you choose one of the ones listed here, with hundreds of independent artists out there creating their own tarot sets and advertising on social media, it’s safe to say that there’s a deck out there for everyone. If you're interested in learning more, pull up Instagram and give the tarot hashtag a scroll! It won't be long until you find the perfect deck that speaks to your soul.

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