Clean Eating
Clean Eating

Superpowers & Superfoods for Overall Superhealth

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Healthier Life Choices to Reach a Ripe Old Age on a Budget for All With No Excuse.


For those who are on a financial budget and have an Aldi supermarket supermarket store near where you live, it is the most inexpensive place to buy all your quality, super food ingredients. This applies whether you are a singleton or even where you have a large household to feed.

The list of super-foods is very lengthy. These include all wholegrain ingredients like: brown Basmati rice, buckwheat, barley, oats, millet, wild rice, maize, rye, wholewheat pasta, seeded, Granary or brown bread, sweet potato products, fresh blueberries, pomegranates, all green leafy vegetables, very oily fish like salmon, nuts like walnuts, almonds, pecan nuts, Brazil nuts, coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, cannellini beans, borloti beans, red kidney beans, lentils, quinoa, bulgar wheat, cous cous, semolina, cornmeal, apples, apricots, advocados, bananas, beetroot, broccoli florets (a well known cancer fighting vegetable), brussel sprouts cherries, Chia seeds, flaxseeds, pure dark chocolate, all coconut based foods and drinks, embrace eggs packed full of protein, garlic, grapes and all types of pepper includes the chilli family.

Now, examples of the good properties of just some of the foods listed above are as follows:

Almonds keep the heart healthy, prevent and control Type 2 Diabetes, good for weight loss strategies, acts as a natural energy booster, and contains potassuim that regulates and lowers high blood pressure. This nut is also rich in vitamin E, which helps the body to fight against free radicals that damage your health, because it is rich in anti-oxidants to prevent many illnesses from occurring.

Wholegrain foods are made up of fibre, all the B vitamins, folic acid, the essential Omega-3 fatty acids, anti-oxidants containing selenium and vitamin E, and micro-nutrients like copper. These nutrients all reduce the risk of bowel cancer, diabetes, heart disease, strokes, helps aid weight loss and controls weight at stable levels, make you feel full for longer due to it's slow release of energy, which is known as low GI. This is the heathiest and best carbohydrate which I highly recommend for people to include in their daily meals, that are not gluten or wheat intolerant. These types of carbohydrates could be the answer to solving the world's obesity epidemic and lose weight gradually with plenty of exercise included to strive for healthy lifestyle regimes according to, 'The British Dietetic Association.'

Beans and pulses are packed with phytochemicals, saponins, and isoflavones, which is another super-food ingredient that lowers heart disease, helps fight cancer and helps reduces the risk of it, lowers blood cholesterol levels, is a soluble fibre where the body digests these legumes far easier, controls blood sugar levels so it is great for diabetics. It helps treat depression, manages to lower high blood pressure levels, and treats gout sufferers, gives off prolonged release of energy lasting hours without no hunger pangs. So, there are many benefits to consuming legumes in your diet whether it is from a can or in reconstituted form from dried state upon purchase according to 'Readers Digest.' Gout is a condition which is too much uric acid in your body resulting in very big, swollen, painful limbs where urgent medical treatment is a necessity.

Very oily fish such as salmon, trout, mackerel, pilchards, sardines, eels, white-bait, tuna, kippers, and herring which are famous for their Omega-3 essential polyunsaturated fats, lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases, cancer, arthritis, combats stress, treats dementia, memory loss, improves asthma sufferers' conditions, great for keeping healthy clear vision in all ages, reduces any inflammation in your body, helps anorexics achieve a healthy weight, and is high in protein with traces of mercury. It is recommended for couples planning to have babies because it increases successful conception and helps increase a higher IQ in their offspring. This is what, 'The Medical News Today,' details upon their vigorous up-to-date research.

Certain fruits like blueberries, goji berries, mango steen, kiwi fruit, and pomegranate all boost immune systems, have a high content of anti-oxidants to fight off cancer, slow the aging process so we can stay youthful looking for longer, and is great for eye vision and for protecting against muscle degeneration. It is also packed with vitamin C, micro-nutrients, flavonoids, potassium, and folic acid. It promotes and helps lower blood sugars, decreases chances of cardiac arrest, enhances good digestion, increases hair growth, increases metabolism, protects from Alzheimers disease, good for kidney stone medical problems, urinary infections, women's health, and skin complaints such as acne.

These are just some of the many potentials to help maximize your chances of a healthy lifestyle to live to a ripe old age, if you haven't already made these choices! A super-food diet is suitable for everyone. Those who are coeliac disease sufferers just need to omit the gluten and wheat based food products which have these ingredients, but consume the other foods I mentioned on this written article that you are not allergic to, which I have done my full research upon.

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