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Step In Your Life That Changes Your Path

The road to success is a difficult and long journey

By si bouzePublished 2 years ago 2 min read
Step In Your Life That Changes Your Path
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Welive in life, whether we are satisfied with it or not, and each of us will inevitably one day leave a trace in it, the successful genius puts his mark and the stupid loser puts his mark, so why do you and I choose the imprint of failure as long as success is possible?

Success and failure are both in the hands of the individual yet the individual seldom chooses the road to victory. To those who never fail, failure is an unknown word and to those who never find success, success is an unknown word.

“The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change.”― Carl R. Rogers

The road to success is a difficult and long journey, some of us retire at the beginning and some of us reach it to the end, but the question is: who scored a goal that counts for him?

It’s a long and hard journey, the one who wants to achieve the meaning of life has to die often along the way, each time he is brought back to life, he’s refined, ready and determined to do it all again

People that do not strive to be better usually do not get better. A person who does not strive for excellence does not generally excel. Creativity is an essential part of success, the degree of success people achieve depends on the extent and quality of their creativity.

Life is too complex, too mysterious, and too inexplicable to claim one’s creation, therefore the person who claims to be successful without the help of others is a fool.

Many people are afraid of the unknown and few people dare to accept it, therefore the person who achieves success without the help of others is a fool. It is said with wisdom that the road to success is not an easy path and success is not the easiest thing to achieve, the extent and quality of your work and the size of your achievements will determine the degree of your success.

To achieve success, you must have the perseverance and patience to achieve it, along with your ability to develop yourself to be what you want to be.

Never would you reach success if you didn’t try first, and never will you lose a battle if you never fight, so what if you lose a battle, a battle is worth fighting and whatever you decide to do, you should do it with passion.

An athlete’s body contains what it needs to be a perfect athlete, his first prerequisite is the will to achieve perfection, he must be able to persevere through failures, not abandon his desire, and always be in pursuit to reach the ultimate level.

It always takes more than one to reach perfection, it is no good to have excellence without patience, it is no good to have perseverance without passion.

Key message: To be a winner, you have to start as a loser, to be a winner we have to start as a loser, in life, winners are always losers who don’t want to lose, to win we must want to lose.


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