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Spirituality Is a Spectrum

Understanding Spirituality

By New Age Thoughts ChicagoPublished 5 years ago 3 min read
Just like a color wheel, spirituality comes in all shapes and colors.

What's up everyone, welcome back to another blog from New Age Thoughts. I've been doing a lot of research on "spiritual" abilities lately. I've found that it can be incredibly stressful, at least in the sense of trying to continue a spiritual life while everyone else around me is boasting massive accomplishments in their spiritual life. However, through meditation, I've relaized, it is a spectrum. Everyone's gifts vary.

I’ve noticed in our spiritual world, there is that there is a lot of ego involved in what we perceive as our spiritual gifts. I’ve read and listened to many books, watched hundreds of hours of YouTube and read countless blogs. The one thing that I have seen in common is pride within one's gifts that they have. Many people talk themselves up and unfortunately, I’ve noticed that by doing this, it creates a sense of arrogance and it may belittle the audience. I understand that those who write need to talk about their gift and paint a colorful picture that is illustrated so well that a child would understand it. However, I also feel that it is their responsibility, as is mine, to talk about the hardship of using the gifts that they have and the difficulty behind awaking spiritual power.

Spirituality is not a race. I repeat it is not a race.

Many YouTubers pride themselves on their abilities and how simple it is for them to use it. They create programs that people buy in hopes that within a couple of days they will be able to experience the same amazing ability that the person has. Please understand that I am not bashing these programs. I know that many of them work and have helped hundreds, if not thousands of people. I just feel that by doing this, if it is not in divine alignment, then you are superseding the plan that you have laid out for yourself. The same way that you should not get behind the steering wheel of a car without learning how to drive first; you do not need to go out and spend hundreds of dollars on a program that for example, teaches you how to astral project in two days. If you are not spiritually ready, you can spend a million dollars on programs and the astral projection experience will still not happen. We are beings that have our progression on a spectrum. You will continue to move up on the spectrum as long as you continue to want to progress, meditate, pray and stay motivated to become the best you possible. If you decide that you do not want to, then you will move down on the spectrum. Please understand that this is not an insult to those who have given up on the practice nor is it praise to those who have practiced to the point where they have transcended. Where you are on the spectrum is neither good nor bad. You are simply where you need to be.

Never stop learning!

The best way to continue your path is to open your heart, mind, and spirit to be a student who is open to learning, observation, and practice. In my experience, the minute I think that I know a lot about a topic, something will appear and show me that I know absolutely nothing. What I’ve learned is the size of a pea compared to a forest of information. So continue to buy books, watch YouTube, read the New Age Thoughts blog as well as other ones, and continue to try to center yourself and become the best you possible because at the end of the day spirituality is not just all rainbows and butterflies. It is a preparation for our impending death. It allows us to understand that we will physically die but our souls will live on.


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New Age Thoughts Chicago

I am pretty well versed in esoteric and occult knowledge. I pride myself in knowing about history and religion. I want to share my passion for each of these things with you guys! Hopefully you enjoy it!

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