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Types of Mantras

By Biswajit DeyPublished 2 years ago 8 min read
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There are different types of mantras that are normally used for different

purposes. In this Articles, you will get to learn about the different categories of mantras used in traditional an also modern times.

 What are the main categories of mantras?

 What are different mantras used for?

It is very important to know what specific mantras mean before attempting

to use them.

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Mantras are normally classified according to four major categories. There

are mantras categories according to their origin, quality and their


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Quality Mantras

There are three main classes under the quality mantras. These are sattvic

mantras, Rajasic mantras and tamasic mantras.

Tammasic mantras refer to negative mantras that are used in harming

others; a person may use this mantra to bring down real or perceived

enemies. These mantras may harm a person’s personal life or business. For

instance, a person may use these kinds of mantras to ensure that a business

rival is pushed out of business by bad omen. They may also use the mantras

to gain something like a love interest. For instance, if someone wants a wife

of someone else they may use these mantras to ensure that they get rid of

the husband so as to get the wife. Tammasic mantras are commonly used by

selfish people who don’t care much about the repercussions. They don’t

care whether they destroy a person or even kill him. The use of black magic

and voodoo is common with this kind of mantras.

Sattavic mantras are used for spiritual purposes. They can be used to enrich

a person’s spirituality. These mantras are also used to make one in tune

with the universe. They connect a person to the forces of nature. They also

make a person’s faith much stronger. Sattavic mantras can connect one to

gods or goddesses. This helps in the spiritual uplifting of a person. It also

helps them in invoking divinity in different aspects of their lives.

Rajasic mantras are normally used for individual materialistic goals. These

mantras can help someone gain wealth and prosperity. They also help in

ensuring that a person is successful in any area of their lives. There are also

people who use these mantras to help them conceive. Students may also use

the Rajasic mantras to help them excel academically.

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Origin Mantras

These mantras are normally classified into four main categories. These

include upnishadic, vedic, tantric and puranic.

Trantic Mantras

These mantras originate from the Tranta Granthi. They are only effective if

chanted with faith and belief. A person who lacks faith in the mantras will

not get the intended results. Once a person recites the mantras in faith, they

are able to feel the effects almost immediately after the recitations. These

are normally felt in form of vibrations. Sometimes, a person may feel the

effects even during the recitations. Also instead of vibrations, some

sensations may also be experienced by the recitor. These powerful mantras

are available in Hindu languages or other local languages. Aghor mantras

are an example of tantrics. Another example is the sabri mantras.

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Puranic Mantras

This category of mantras may be chanted by everyone including women.

They are very general in nature and can function as daily prayers. They

normally help individuals to learn the art of positive thinking. They make

people feel good about themselves and their surroundings. They are also

very effective as stress relievers. These mantras can work for anyone who

commits to them. They have to be chanted in a very clear voice and

sincerity. If your heart isn’t pure and if you aren’t honest, these mantras

may not work for you. These puranic mantras can be chanted early in the

morning or in the evening according the individual’s preferences and


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Vedic Mantras

These are considered as being very sacred. They are normally chanted as

praises for the vedic god. These mantras are also used in weddings and

marriages in order to symbolize the sacred union. They also represent the

bond between the people reciting them. They also invoke the blessing of the

god upon the people using the mantras. These mantras can also be used for

thanksgiving. They offer thanks to the gods for different things .For

instance, people recite them as a thanksgiving prayer for prosperity and

also happiness. These effective mantras have a range of results on the

people who use them. They tend to be happier and more successful in life.

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Upnishadic Mantras

These mantras normally contain a deep spirituality connection with the

vedic god. They represent deep spiritual facts and truths. These mantras

declare the truths about the individual souls. They also talk of the truths

about the supreme souls of the gods.

Meaning Mantras

These mantras are usually divided into two main categories. These are

Saguna mantras and Nirguna mantras.

Saguna mantras refer to special chants that are meant to invoke a god,

goddess or a deity. After repeated chants a person is able to visualize this.

Continuing to chant will make these visualizations turn into a reality and

the god, goddess or dainty may be realized in real life. One example of these

mantras is the salutation to Lord Shiva, this is called Om Namah Shivoy.

There are also special chants for the god of harmony and balance. These are

called Om Nam Narayanaaya. There is also the Gayatri mantra offered to

the goddess called Gayatri to invoke the sun and light in life.

There are specific mantras that can be used to invoke gods and goddesses

into a person’s life.

On the other hand Nirguna mantras don’t represent any god, goddess or

even objects. These mantras represent the whole universe. When

performing or chanting these mantras you have to be able to focus your

mind completely. You also have to do this without focusing on any objects

or forms. This requires a lot of mind control. This can be achieved with a lot

of practice. Once you master this skill, you can use these mantras to be one

with the universe. Examples of this mantra include the Om and so ham.

The later directly translates to “I am that”. It means that the chanter is that

person who is not restricted by anything in the world or the spiritual realms but rather with the universe.

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Other Mantras

The Varja Guru Mantra

This mantra is meant to help one to gain some things in life. A woman who

recites this mantra will become irresistible to other people. All men who see

her will fall in love with her. The mantra also helps one get a comfortable

life without any struggles. They will get food, wealth and other luxuries and

necessities of life. All these will come to them. All these can be achieved by

reciting the mantras one hundred times in a single day. All these recitations

have to be done without any single interruptions.

If you increase the number of recitations from a hundred to a thousand or

better yet ten thousand, your gains will increase tremendously. They will

become extremely intelligent. This will get them the respect and

admirations of others who come across them. They will also get power and

become people of great social standings in their areas of residence. A

person will also become very blessed spiritually.

Increasing this mantra recitation to one hundred thousand or one million

times comes with also greater benefits. It actually gives one power over

other beings. It can enable one to issue commands and have people fulfill

any of their wishes or demands.

If you manage to increase these recitations to seven million or even just

three million, you will manage to get power not just on earth but also in the

spiritual world. You can manage to command both demons and also gods.

All these will abide by you and sing you praises.

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Mantras Based On Syllables

The number of syllables used in a mantra can also be used in defining the

type of mantra. For instance, a mantra that only has one syllable is called a

mono mantra. It can be used in invoking the universal power. There are

many types of monosyllable mantras such as the bija mantras.

There are mantras that contain many syllables. These may have up to 60

syllables or even more. Such mantras are called verse mantras. These

mantras are normally meant for praise. They contain in-depth descriptions

of the praised and also the praise itself. One such mantra is the Gayantri

mantra. This has to be recited with sincerity and at a clear tone. There are

also a number of recitations required to make sure that the mantra is


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Other Mantras Used In Modern Times

Sound-Based Energy Mantras

These mantras are used to cause vibrations to the body. These types of

vibrations are said to be very beneficial. They help the type of mantra

chanted to turn into a reality. If it’s a chant for the body’s well being, then

this can be felt. If it’s a chant for mental health, this will also be felt. The

mantras can also work for spiritual awakening. The physical vibrations

signify that the mantra has worked in making the individual more

spiritually mature. Repetitions can even help a person achieve the status of

a god.

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Thought-Based Mantras

There are the types of mantras that are normally used to influence the

thoughts of a person. They can be used to get rid of negative thoughts and

help a person to be more of a positive thinker. These powerful mantras can

also help a person change their thoughts on life and also on themselves.

They will be more optimistic and also much more enthusiastic about living.

General Well Being of the Body

There are also mantras that are recited to enhance the general well-being of

the body. This can help in enhancing the immunity system of an individual.

They also help in controlling illnesses through natural methods. There are

also people who have managed to control their chronic pains by use of these

specific mantras. There are sankrit mantras which can be used for these

specific purposes.

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Mantras That Are Used For Empowerment

There are a number of mantras that are used to help people become more

empowered. This can be used for people who aim to be more goals oriented

in life. It helps them in the pursuit of their goals and dreams. These

mantras are believed to give people good positive energy that helps them

work relentlessly to ensure that they succeed in life.

Meditation Mantras

There are mantras that are specifically meant for the purposes of

meditation. They help in keeping the mind silent and focused on other

things apart from the concerns of life. These mantras can be used at the

beginning of the meditation processes to promote concentration.

Mantras are very effective in meditations.


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