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What are mantras?

By Biswajit DeyPublished 2 years ago 4 min read
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Mantras play different roles in people’s life. They help improve the quality

of lives in different ways. In this Articles, you will get to learn more about


 What are mantras?

 Why do people use mantras?

 Who uses mantras?

If you can master the art of using mantras, you can master the art of living a

peaceful mind. You can also learn how to control your mind. Mantras can

also help you be more focused in the pursuit of your goals and therefore

making you more successful in life.

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The Basics

What Are Mantras?

Mantras can be defined as words or even syllables that can when chanted

repeatedly cause transformations in a person’s life. They can have an

impact on various aspects of a person such as the mind and also the body.

There are different types of mantras that are used for specific purposes. For

instance, there are mantras that are used to invoke peace and happiness in

a person. There are also mantras that help in the spiritual growth of a


The whole concept of mantras can be traced back to the power of words.

This can be traced back even in Biblical terms. It is said that God created

the whole universe simply by using words. For instance, he created day and

nights by simply stating “Let there be light!” He even created man and

woman by simply declaring it in a loud clear and firm voice. Human beings

can also order some changed in their lives through the same way.

The Bible talks about God creating the whole universe simply by using

words as commands. This is the same as the use of mantras.

The power that mantras can bestow upon a person is one of the reasons

why this practice has been highly adapted in Hinduism and Buddhism. It is

believed that a person can’t grow spirituality without the use of specific


Mantras can also be described as sounds that are energy based. In most

cases, repeated recitation of mantras can cause vibrations through the

body. This is explained as a reaction that can come as a result of producing

a specific sound that taps into the energy around the person making the

sounds. These vibrations are felt also in the brain of the person. This is

what makes the mantras very effective especially in changing a person’s

mind frame.

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Mantras originate from Indian traditional doctrines. They were first apart

of a group of people called the Vedic. These people used mantras as part of

their tradition. However, with time this tradition became accepted all over

India by all traditions.

This then led to the worldwide acceptance of mantras. Mantra has been

accepted in different religions too such as Hinduism, Sikhism, and

Buddhism. In recent times, there are also mantras that are now being used

even by Christians.

Mantras form basis for many religions such as Hinduism

One of the most commonly used mantras is the Aum mantra. This single

syllable has very many different positive impacts on a person. This specific

mantra is also considered as a direct representation of god himself. It also

represents all the creation in its entirety. This kind of mantra can be used to

bring order and peace in a person’s body and mind. It can also be used for

spiritual awakening and making a person more in tune with their god.

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Why Do People Use Mantras?

Mantras are used for a variety of purposes. All these depend on the type of

mantra being used and also the traditions of the people using the mantras.

A mantra can also be used depending to an individual interpretation. For

instance, a person may use a given mantra to help them become happier. It

doesn’t matter whether this mantra is specifically meant for this use or not.

If a person believes that it will work for them, then it definitely does.

The way the mantra is chanted also has an impact on how it works. For

instance, there are some mantras that have a number of benefits in

accordance to the frequency at which they are chanted. The higher the

number of chants, the higher the amount of blessings and benefits accrued

from the mantra. One mantra that works this way is the shri Ram mantra. This

is termed as the mantra of abundance. The more you recite this mantra, the

more you get.

Mantras also differ according to the persons using them, For instance,

mantras used in traditional Hinduism or Buddhism may not be the same as

those used in Christianity.

Who Can Use Mantras?

Mantras can be used by different people such as:

 People who want peace in their lives

 People who want to be blessed in specific areas. For instance, mantras

can be used by farmers to ensure that they get enough produce during

harvest time.

 People who want to tap into the powers of positive thinking

 People who suffer from any mental disorders such as stress or


 People who want to gain spiritual awareness and understanding

 People who want to be happier

 People who want to learn how to focus on the pursuit of their dreams

 People who want to live in harmony with other people

 People who want to manage pain and illnesses using natural methods

Any person can actually use mantras to improve the quality of their lives.

Different people including both men and women can use mantras to make

their lives much better.


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