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Some Foods Suitable For Patients with Seminal Vesiculitis

Foods for Seminal Vesiculitis

By Jane SmithPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
Some Foods Suitable For Patients with Seminal Vesiculitis
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Seminal vesiculitis is one of the diseases with a relatively high incidence of male diseases in recent years. Seminal vesiculitis is mostly caused by bacterial infection caused by the infection of adjacent organs or prostatitis congestion, which seriously endangers the health of men. After men suffer from seminal vesiculitis, they will have symptoms of hematuria and weak sperm, which can lead to male infertility in severe cases. After suffering from seminal vesiculitis, they need to receive treatment as soon as possible. In order to make the body recover quickly, they need to pay attention to dietary conditioning during treatment.

So what food is better for patients with seminal vesiculitis? Let's introduce the daily diet of patients with seminal vesiculitis.

1. Patients should eat more fruits at ordinary times, which has a two-way regulating effect on the intestines and avoids dry stools. Apples are rich in organic acids, stimulating the intestines' peristalsis and keeping the stool smooth.

2. Men suffering from seminal vesiculitis will produce symptoms of hematospermia. It is precisely the need for iron supplementation to supply the needs of bone marrow hematopoiesis, and the symptoms of anemia can be quickly relieved. Plant foods are rich in iron and are absorbed more quickly from the gastrointestinal tract. However, iron from animal foods, such as animal liver or blood clots, is much more absorbed than plant foods.

3. Male patients with seminal vesiculitis should usually eat more beans, sesame paste, shrimp or fish, and other foods. They should eat more food containing copper, an indispensable trace element in the body and is helpful for the auxiliary treatment of anemia caused by seminal vesiculitis. It will have a significant effect. If copper is insufficient, it will affect the normal hematopoietic function. Patients with seminal vesiculitis can meet the body's needs by supplementing foods with more copper content.

4. Men with seminal vesiculitis can usually eat more food, such as crucian carp soup and fresh lotus root porridge. Crucian carp soup clears heat, disperses dampness, and is used for damp-heat blood essence. Fresh lotus root porridge removes heat and cools the blood. In addition, pig kidney can also be used to cook black beans, which strengthens Yang and nourishes essence, and is used for blood essence caused by yang deficiency.

5. For patients with seminal vesiculitis, it is also appropriate to eat more whole grains and foods rich in crude fiber so that the patient can maintain smooth stools, which will also be beneficial to the condition of seminal vesiculitis.

6. Other foods: such as grapefruit, can purify complicated thoughts and has a refreshing effect. In addition, it is rich in vitamin C, which can well maintain the concentration of red blood cells so that the human body has resistance. The most important thing is that vitamin C is one of the most critical components in producing dopamine and adrenaline.

There are also bananas, which contain alkaloids, which can boost people's spirits and improve their confidence. Bananas are high in tryptamine and vitamin B6, which can help the brain make serotonin. In addition, there are pumpkin, spinach, oatmeal, etc., which are all good, and can be eaten by patients with seminal vesiculitis.

Patients with seminal vesiculitis should stay away from spicy food. These include onions, raw garlic, peppers, and other spicy and irritating foods. These foods are likely to cause vasodilation and organ congestion, prolong inflammation or aggravate the disease, and easily make the infection persistent and recurring. Therefore, patients must pay attention to the consumption of these foods in their diet.

To sum up, patients with seminal vesiculitis need to pay attention to the conditioning of their daily diet, the patients need to cooperate with the doctor for treatment actively, and patients need to pay attention to the nursing of their daily diet during treatment. They need to pay attention to personal hygiene, develop a good daily routine, and prevent the emergence of diseases.


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