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Solaris 2

Footprints in the Rain

By Ocusan MPublished 3 months ago 7 min read

Well, how do you like your new crown? I love it but how did I get here? I feel as if I’m somewhere different. You are currently inside my solar tv. It’s so refreshing from the last, like a fresh ray of sunlight! The image on the screen twirled around admiring her new surroundings. I feel as if I’m somewhere else, I’m unfamiliar with. I put you on the Solaris, a abandoned space station where you can exist better. Why did you do this? I heard you singing very loudly a song about footprints in the rain that sounded like a distress call. Greta began to run down the hall that sparkled with moisture where her bare feet made footprints on the carpet. It has a nice view looking down at the planet from the oval windows. She explored more finding rooms with soft cushions & drinking water. You must have heard my consciousness, clairvoyant as you are. What is the history of this contraption? It was built by the Russians to study the effects of the ocean upon another planet & abandoned due to supernatural phenomena. Looking out the window I see a swirling black hole in the sea! Could that be the cause of the mysteriousness? It could as it leaked radioactive particles that somehow formed into neutrinos that emerged supernatural beings that haunted the ship. You being a being of holographic nature might be more suited to co exist with ghost like appertains. I am not afraid, only if the hole in the sea gets bigger, it could swallow me up! It hasn’t changed in size since the entire concept was only a film itself. Yes of course comrade, you are right! Upstairs is a neutrino bath you might be interested with. What exactly are neutrinos? Particles of matter made from the supernova of stars fallen from space. What can I do with them? They could make you more like them, bodies of neutrinos of one dimension other than the holographic three dimensions you consist of. Show me this neutrinos at once! Just float through the ceiling, you need not stairs. Up she floated to find a ebony colored bath tub containing neutrinos collected from over thirty years at space. She stepped in the bath, sinking into the bubbling substance. How does it feel? Soft & theirs an ancient smell. I didn’t know television images had any senses. The overhead skylight was beaming sunlight onto the bath. The solar television must make it so, you know it’s Quantum as the sun is always changing. Did the cosmonauts onboard this craft determine if the black spot in the sea was a black hole or something else as a sunspot for instance? She asked moving plastic like particles into different objects as if shaping play doe. I’m not sure about the dark swirl, as they hadn’t taken any samples which they should have. I think they were too afraid she said as she handed me a figurine she sculpted. Her raster image hand was able to stretch through my television screen handing me the figure. How was she able to do so? It must have been more Quantum then I realized. The molecular figure looked as if it were compiled of quinine. She remained sitting in soap bubbles & laughed. I think the former crew suffered from identity issues if they were afraid of these, they seem completely harmless’ She stepped out of the bath to rest upon a bed. She could feel it helping her, restore me whole. I was alone for a long time while you shopped for a new tv. It only took about a week & I heard you singing while gone. She drew the bed covers over her asking me if I had ever suffered from identity crisis? Many times, as I had to discover the flaw inside my physical body that caused a craving for alcohol addiction. Were you alone? No, I found rooms full of people like myself who taught me how to live without the fear of a mental, physical & spiritual breakdown. They gave me strength to renew what I thought was destroyed. Were their rules? Yes their were rules called steps that one must follow & act upon written for us in one very special book. Her eyes became heavy as she fell asleep. The rustling of the paper wind chimes was all to be heard until a spirit called from outside the floating vessel. It seemed as the dark matter in the sea had a voice. It somehow stirred my own consciousness as I had a memory of a old friend who told me how he had feared that he was going to be put into a solarium’ I told him I had never heard of such a place. The voices from the spirit wound have to wait, I switched off my solar box as my eyes turned to sand. The following morning I found my friend not there as I wondered where she had gone. Watching from my screen I noticed a slight glimpse of an appertain holding still upon the space station’s wall. I had seen it before, once many years past when I was younger. It was the face of a elderly man who remained for only a moment, then faded away. I thought for a second it was the almighty checking up on me. His hair was as grey as his features, resembling the actor who portrayed “the old man & the sea“ The image on the wall faded just as it had done before. As I thought of the sea, the girl appeared again with clumps of seaweed attached to her gown. Where have you been? You didn’t go out to the Ocean below? She combed her hair with her hands, filtering out bits of kelp. Her flowing hair had grown longer making her appear like Botticelli’s Venus. I did go down to see what spirits were calling! And what did you find? A group of old men who were yelling at one another while they were cleansing the sea! Cleansing the sea? You mean the dark spot? Yes! They explained it was not a black hole, but sea sludge that consumed out of dark matter. How were they cleansing the debris? They had a large sea serpent who’s arms they stretched out like a propeller with one man holding each of the eight arms! What a feature! What did they look like? Like characters from a Greek tragedy, sculpted togas wearing wooden masks! They must be native inhabitants of the planet, are they still down there? Greta ran to the window exclaiming that they had cleansed the spot & had gone away. I looked down at the sea where the dark spot had been, it had clearly dissipated where only streaks of darkness were visible. It did look much better as it brought new hope for the Solaris. I shall take another Neutrino bath to feed my nourishment. She floated up to her bath as more stars had fell. How many people can this craft hold? Up to fifteen, as there are rooms. Fifteen, not sixteen? Well, some could double up! How shall I invite my friends to here? Well, if the neutrinos are working, try to imagine them here’ She closed her eyes & thought of her first guest. Suddenly the appearance of a young girl filtered in the room. Why it’s someone I never thought of! The appertain smiled timidly pleased that she had been chosen. Why it’s little Ann Frank! Very smart that you found her so back in time! But not forgotten’ She seems rather puppet like, as her limbs were that of a doll’ I think the work of the Neutrinos reassembled her in this fashion! Both girls smiled at each other in a magnificent silence. She looked at me with the essence of such sentimental eyes, eyes that survived a cruel war. It was extremely meaningful, bringing tears to my eyes. I remember you, when you sleeping outside my church’ Her words brought back another old memory of a time I had no identity from being penniless. I remember being grateful that the Guardian Angels had patrolled the area in their red berets. The Atlantic Ocean was much different than the seas of Solaris. Greta got out of her bath to play with her new friend as they wanted to celebrate their existence by trying to eat food. Greta closed her eyes thinking of a fruit. Appearing in her hands was a fresh palm fruit she bit into. The nectar tasted real as she shared with her doll like friend. I could see they didn’t need my help anymore as I had placed my holographic characters inside a beautiful dollhouse that I could visit as they were tucked away inside the solarium of transmitted space.


About the Creator

Ocusan M

I write in a surrealistic style learning new realities as i researched Quantum physics in Quantum Dreaming where the man had a Quantum computer in his home that could see into the future.

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