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Simple Ways to Avoid Weight Gain

Dieting doesn't have to be complicated with these simple ways to avoid weight gain.

By Jus L'amorePublished 7 years ago 5 min read

Let's be honest, we can read every article claiming to have the quickest workout routine, fastest weight loss diet, and newest drug on the market, but a lot of the time reading these articles is where it ends. Sometimes it’s nice to think and say you’re going to do something but you simply never follow through. It could be due to a busy schedule or lack of motivation but whatever the reason is behind putting the brakes on getting in shape, it’s ok and it happens to all of us at one time or another. Everyone has a time where we don't want to or can't eat according to a diet plan or don't have the time to hit the gym five days a week. However, just because you’re not being overly proactive about eating healthy and getting in shape doesn't mean you should just throw all your previous hard work away or do whatever you want and hope for the best. Truth be told, with a mentality like that you're asking to gain 10 pounds and feel terrible about it. So do yourself a favor while you’re on this healthy hiatus; Put down the serious fitness magazine and drill these tips into your head. They are simple, require very little motivation, and while they may not help you LOSE a lot of weight they will certainly assist you in NOT GAINING any pounds either!

Eat Breakfast

Image via The Six & Five Studio

You've heard it a million times and will hear it a million more. Why? Because there is truth to it. By skipping breakfast, you’re not only setting yourself up to

  1. Stuff your face at lunch
  2. Snack on crap
  3. Depriving your body of much needed metabolizing energy

Stay Hydrated

So many people confuse hunger with thirst so before you head to the snack pantry, down a nice cold glass of water. Even when you’re not hungry, aim for eight glasses of water a day. Add a healthy twist by topping it off with a lemon slice and have your drink freezing cold for a quick metabolism booster.

Stop Drinking Calories

Image via VitaCost

Soda, juice, energy drinks, and whole milk cappuccinos all sound delicious but are packing just as many calories as a small cheeseburger. Many people think drinking something rather than eating means it isn't as fattening, but this is so NOT true! Stick to that ice-cold water and seltzer as much as possible.

Choose Whole Grain and Eliminate White

Image via Pinterest

This is the easiest on the list. Instead of ordering your lunch on white bread order it on whole-grain; Let's practice, "I would like the turkey, tomato, and lettuce sammy on wheat bread please." Very good, you did it! Same goes for pasta, rice, and bagels. For the most part, they taste just as yummy and will keep you fuller longer while providing you with minerals and vitamins (something white bread does not do). All white bread does is convert to sugar and get stored as fat. Thanks a lot whitey.

Order the Smallest Size Available

Image via Food Liberator

This goes for coffee, dinner dishes, ice cream, and anything else that gives you an option. Go ahead and still order what you want, just order the smaller version. That’s not so hard, is it?

Don't Deprive Yourself

Image via Prevention

This coincides with order the smallest size available listed above. Once again, these are simple ways to avoid weight gain, so telling you to stay away from the pasta or pizza you’re craving would be contradicting. Chances are if you keep depriving yourself of what you really want eventually you'll give in and wind up eating 10 times more than you would have originally. Eat what you want, just remember it's all about moderation. Always choose small.

Skip the Breadbasket

Image via Mama's Gotta Bake

You're starving and the first thing the waiter brings you is a basket full of warm bread, butter, and oil. Before you reach for that first piece of empty calories ask yourself this, "Am I going to have bread, a drink, or dessert?" You can't eat all three. If you choose wine or desert then kindly ask the waiter to skip the basket of bread or take it away after one piece.

Order a Soup or Salad First

Image via Coho Restaurant

These are both low-cal options when it comes to eating out (assuming you’re not globbing on ranch dressing or ordering a large cheese and broccoli). They will also have you eating less of your main course, which is also a good rule to live by as well, always cut your meals in half.

Stop Drowning Your Food in Sauces

Image via Pig Out Spots

Salad dressings, butter, oil, alfredo sauce, sour cream, you get the point. They all sound appetizing but are FULL of calories and should be used in moderation. Always choose the low-fat option and keep it to a tablespoon, 1 ½ tops!

Make Sure Half of Your Dish Has Veggies

Image via A Harmony Healing

Veggies are a perfect source of fiber and water, which will both fill you up without adding weight. It doesn't have to be plain old peas and carrots; If you’re not a vegetable lover try something like grilled zucchini with a dash of salt and oil or even a tomato and onion salad.

Don't Eat After Dinner

Image via Wise Geek Health

I know this one is tough but it can be a major help when it comes to maintaining your weight without a diet and exercise plan. Plus,, food gives you energy and who needs energy before bed?

Don't Eat in Front of the TV

Image via The Huffington Post

I know the previous tip, no eating after dinner, is a tough one so if you are still hungry and do decide to eat at night try NOT to eat in front of the TV. Something about watching and eating is guaranteed to double your intake. Make an effort to eat at the table and stick to healthier snacks like popcorn, fruit, and frozen yogurt.

Don't Eat Out of the Bag

Image via YouTube

If you’re going to snack while you watch TV the least you can do is NOT eat out of the bag; You will consume SO much more food without even knowing it. Pour your snack of choice into a small bowl or plate and skip the refill.

Don't Diet Half Your Day

Image via Pinterest

Eating a small and healthy breakfast is great but doesn't do much if you’re starving by lunch and ordering a double cheeseburger. Eat realistically and remember you don't have to deprive yourself, just choose the healthier option when you can and eat in moderation.

Be Active for at Least 3 Hours a Week

Image via Fashercise

Don't read over this one, it’s important. This tip isn't just for maintaining weight but for your overall health. Hit the gym for an hour or two and spend the other portion taking a walk after dinner or climbing the stairs instead of riding the elevator.


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