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Qualities and Skills That Raise Your Social Status

The natural tendency of a person to be loved and accepted

By si bouzePublished 2 years ago 8 min read
Qualities and Skills That Raise Your Social Status
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A person by his normal nature tends to be loved and accepted by those around him, it is a kind of instinctive behavior that directs him to do actions that make his company and participation in the stages of life something preferred by others in general and his close circle in particular, and with the human awareness of the importance of his presence in life and the role he represents and the message he performs, the importance of being social and loved is increasing; so most people’s attention was focused on exporting a positive image of themselves that earns them a prestigious social status and respect for people, but the majority of them failed.

If you are from the category that aspires to this and is having difficulty achieving it, in this article we offer you some qualities and skills that raise your social status and make you loved.

Qualities and skills that raise your social status and make you loved:

Choose someone you know who has a social status and is liked by others, and you will find that he has these qualities and skills:

1. Emotional intelligence:

You may be tired of seeing the term emotional intelligence in every piece of advice related to the human being, but this quality is more valuable and more effective than being limited as one of the qualities and skills that raise your social status and make you loved and can be classified as the essence of human social success as it achieves what comes:

Emotional intelligence helps a person to understand his feelings and classify them:

And then he is aware of what he feels, and if you ask about the relationship of this to the love and respect of others, we will answer through the following example: “if you and your friend submit your close resume to an employee and your friend is accepted and rejected, you will undoubtedly feel somewhat negative emotions, you will certainly rejoice for your friend, but you will regret yourself for being rejected; its feelings of jealousy”.

Some people may take a hostile attitude towards their friend even though the latter is not guilty of what happened, and others will not; he will even vilify himself and find that he is a bad friend just because he is jealous, but emotional intelligence, my friend, will allow you to realize how you feel, define it, determine its cause and forgive yourself, as emotions are uncontrollable. However, your behavior can be controlled, do not do things that offend the relationship between you, and here you will rise in the eyes of yourself and the eyes of your friend and will gain more of his love and respect.

Emotional intelligence turns your reactions into responses:

If you have the skills of emotional intelligence, then when you receive an e-mail, you will not nervously close your laptop screen and shout at your friend who has been accepted to work and ruin his joy by saying, “What are you better than me for being chosen and rejected?”Rather, you will calm yourself and wish him success, realizing that everyone has their share in life, and perhaps the days hold a better opportunity for you.

Emotional intelligence helps you understand other people’s feelings by being able to understand how you feel:

In the previous example, you will put yourself in the place of your friend and imagine if you are accepted and rejected, any feeling of embarrassment or reluctance to show Joy will be for fear of hurting your feelings, and here you will say to him “congratulations to you, you deserve this opportunity and deserve it, invite me to lunch to celebrate,” and here you will earn the love of your friend and lunch too.

Emotional intelligence helps you create effective communication with others:

By being able to understand the feelings, motives, and thinking of the other party, you will be able to realize the most appropriate way to communicate with him and the most useful vocabulary to talk to him.

2. Good listening:

The skill of listening or listening is classified among the qualities and skills that raise your social status and make you loved, often the other party needs you to be listening to him, and this makes him elaborate on his opinion or problem, and this in turn allows you to clearly understand the dimensions of the topic, and then give an opinion or do the most appropriate action, or just listen to this dump broadcast to you by your friend, son, client or student.

Imagine that you are talking to someone about a situation that has upset you and the latter uses his mobile phone or interrupts you to ask you where you bought your shirt or caught it wandering in another world, how would you feel To be a good listener means to listen, not just to be silent, and to indicate with your body language your interest and concentration with the speaker, and then express your opinion when your turn comes or you are asked.

3. Not making judgments or generalizing:

Do not underestimate this trait and its role in influencing your social personality, because it is one of the most important qualities and skills that raise your social status and make you loved, if you are a lawyer, Will you express the many divorces among young people that come to you and say: “silly and superficial generation?” And can you name millions of people within a certain age group And does being pickpocketed in New York mean that everyone in the city is a pickpocket?”

If your friend promises you that he will come to you in the evening to lend you the amount you asked for and then he missed his appointment, you will judge him as a scammer, but before you say this and talk about it in front of others, think to yourself that maybe something happened to him that prevented him from attending.

In fact, not judging what others show is only an application of honest Hadith: “ask your brother seventy excuses”; so always try to justify to the absentee the reason for his absence, and explain to your speaker the point of view of the other party that may be absent from his mind, and you will find yourself surrounded by people and loved because you always improve the guess.

4. Positivity and optimism:

Optimism is one of the qualities and skills that raise your social status and make you loved, do you like babysitting sophisticated pessimists who make you feel that life is full of disasters and misfortunes

Optimism and positive thinking stem from good trust in God. if your brother cries because of his failure, tell him that this is a test of my life that God wants well, and perhaps his failure is better than getting marks that do not qualify him to study the branch he loves. if your neighbor is sad about the parting of his son, who traveled to work abroad, tell him that he is establishing a successful professional life and that God will pledge his mercy and compassion and make it easier for him to alienate.

5. Stay away from reproaches and gloating, and pardon when possible:

One of the qualities and skills that raise your social status and make you loved is tolerance and forgiveness, for example, if your manager ignored your warnings about doing a certain marketing plan and did it and failed, don’t gloat at him or blame him for ignoring your opinion, he is regretful at heart, so why do you want to notify him of his You are thereby erasing your love from his heart with your words.

If your child insists on running on a bumpy road despite your warning to him, and then he falls to the ground and it hurts you to say to him: “you deserve it, didn’t I warn you not to run?”He has learned from his mistake himself, and if someone who has offended you in the past comes to apologize, accept the sinful nature of human beings and open the door of your heart to forgiveness, and here the doors of the hearts of others will open for you.

6. Accept the other:

There are an infinite number of points of difference between people, and there are thousands of people who do not worship what you worship, do not believe what you think, and do not like what you like, Does this mean pointing a sword in their faces or ignoring their existence in life

Acceptance is one of the most important qualities and skills that raise your social status and make you loved because it involves dealing humanely with others regardless of their religion, race, color, cultural background, political affiliations, and class divisions.

7. The smile:

A smile is a key to entering hearts, and a smile is one of the easiest qualities and skills that raise your social status and make you loved, smile at your neighbor as you say hello in the morning, smile at your manager, grocer, janitor and sparrows, smile at your parents, children, and wife.

8. Kindness:

Kindness is one of the qualities and skills that raise your social status and make you loved, and it can be embodied in saying the endearing phrases that we all want to hear such as: “Thank you, please, I apologize,” so the elderly take your place on the bus, buy sweets and balloons for the neighborhood children, and help your neighbor carry the items he bought at the supermarket.

9. Loving and respecting others:

According to the principles of karma, everything that you give to life will be returned to you in one way or another, if you want to love people, love them, and if you want to respect people, respect them, and don’t say this is smug, this is arrogant, this is a square head, and I don’t like square heads.

Do not allow only the feelings of love to fill your heart and soul, because God is the absolute love, and love and expressing it is one of the most important qualities and skills that raise your social status and make you loved, it is not enough to feel love only; but expressing it is a duty and a necessity for all those for whom we have this feeling.

10. Stay away from injustice:

People do not like someone who eats an orphan’s money, testifies falsely in court, or who steals his colleague’s effort and attributes it to himself, whatever the reasons and temptations.

In conclusion:

The qualities and skills that raise your social status and make you loved are many many and can be derived from the qualities of the prophets and the teachings of the heavenly religions that were sent to guide human behavior toward more compassion, compassion, tolerance, and love. we hope that in this article we have succeeded in guiding you toward the most prominent qualities and skills that raise your social status and make you loved in your surroundings.

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