Our New World


Our New World
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For more than 50 days in quarantine we have to appreciate that even our medical team around the world have been really hard for them. Working long days and hours without have the opportunities to be in home with the loved ones.

Its really sad to see how people are dying because of this pandemic, but its also really sad to see people irresponsible getting out of the house in order to keep having a normal life. Our life will never be normal again after this pandemic. we have to be clear in that and have present in our minds that every single day we are living is a challenged one.

I'm so gratefully personally to all the medical staff that are working hard to help other in this pandemic that have been affecting our lives since the day one. Including those who are volunteer in these, helping other with giving food, support emotionally and physically, giving help with the people that have specific conditions.

Also we have to thank to the mother nature because thanks to these pandemic the earth is breathing fresh. I made a letter dedicated to the world and i will be delighted to share it in these story. I'm really thankful to the mother nature for the recovery shes having for our new world and our new beginning.

Here's the letter:

A letter to the World

This is a letter addressed to the world. Today, I dedicate this letter to you; and I want you to know that me and many other people are sad about what this situation. Today, I woke up wanting to write to you and let you know my feelings.

I can tell you that any day, the humanity woke up with an unexpected and terrifying news. We never thought that a virus could be as horrible as this. Suddenly, we got up and realized that we are vulnerable. That we are not as strong as we though we are in from of the entire world. That today and every single day passes we wake up scared, afraid of what might happen, and we try to hide within our courage, one that in the eyes of the world and God doesn’t exist. We live in times of viruses. Living in these days is a chaos for everyone.

We are going through a time that no matter what you have, whether it is material, clothing, jewelry or money, we can’t have the freedom we used to had, because we don’t want to be infected. A freedom that was taken from us by ourselves. We didn’t know how to appreciate what we has and we ended up damaging the world where we live. We have taken care to spread a pandemic, without taking care of the damage we are causing by ignoring the call of mother nature or the one that itself was making to us. I wonder every day when I wake up: is this real? How far can we go and what are we capable of? Can we put an end and overcome this crisis ourselves?

Today we live in social distance for not paying attention to the alerts. It have been established a curfew in which we can’t make our daily lives, go to the park for a walk, take the dog out, run bicycle, or have any kind of socialization, only with the members of your own house just if they are in good health. Watching TV is to be on stress all day, and it's not bad to stay informed of what's going on, but we get to the point where we don't want to feel overwhelmed. Trying to stay calm in these times is proof of life. Keeping safe and calm is a puzzle. We hear every day about the “status” of those infected virus, about the numbers of deaths and about what they are doing in each country to keep the people safe and free of infections. But still we are so irresponsible that we continue to spread the disease without taking care of others.

In Italy, Spain and New York, which is now the epicenter of the virus, thousands of people die, predominantly the elderly and a few infants and adolescents. That doesn’t mean that the rest of the population is not exempt from catching it. We can all be infected, including those with compromised health, such as diabetics, asthmatics, those with heart conditions, among others. "The Big Apple", the city that never sleep, now does. Cars don’t go out to contaminate the roads. Factories no longer contaminate the environment. Museums are no longer visited, and the beaches are desolate. Despite all this, we are still unconscious, because we continue to do what we want, and many don’t respect the curfew.

In a way, they are thanking us, because today we breathe fresh air and uncontaminated environment and the birds go out to sing without fear. The trees smile because they are not cut, the waters are clear and without contamination.

May this serve as teaching. World, you are giving us a great life lesson. If after the crisis we have learned nothing, we will not have learned anything in life.

I say goodbye letting you know that my greatest wish is to remain part of you.


Kanil Ortiz

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