Online Personal Training

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The Pros and Cons of Online PT: Does it Work?

Online Personal Training

With the online world growing massively in the past few years it makes sense that many businesses have gone online. So it only make sense for personal trainers to join in. Online personal training is just like it sounds; clients are given personalized programs for them to complete at home or in their local gyms without the trainer being present.

This article is to help you decide whether you think online personal training is right for you. For disclosure I do offer an online personal training service however I am going to try not to be biased and give you solid pros and cons of the service.

The Upsides of Online Personal Training

Access to expert advice:Online personal training can provide instant access to highly skilled professionals. It provides an opportunity for anyone to be trained by big name coaches no matter where in the world they are. As well as this you can easily seek out a specialist in the specific field you are looking for, making it more tailored to your goals and needs.

Finding the right trainer:With the world now being so digitally connected, using social media you can easily research online trainers to find the right one for you. This can allow you to get an idea of whether you'll get along and work well with the trainer. Hence you won't waste any time on a trainer you don't like, so you'll be saving both time and money.

Less expensive:As a personal trainer develops a reputation they will gain more clients. This leads to them becoming busier and this leads to an increase in the demand for their services. Because of this increase they are able to then charge more for their time (some trainers charge up to £100 per session). However, because time is less of an issue for online personal trainers, they can afford to charge much less for their services. So you could be saving a little extra with an online PT.

Time and location:Because an online PT delivers support and workout programs electronically, you can access them on your phone at anytime and anywhere. This makes online personal training much more flexible around your plans and is perfect for those who work busy days or travel around a lot.

The Downsides of Online Personal Training

No one to spot or correct your form:Unfortunately, because there is no trainer there with you during each gym session, no one will be on the lookout for your incorrect technique. You can overcome this by referring to videos or asking an instructor at the gym for a little help, but it won't have the same personalised effect.

Motivation:Although a high quality program can be delivered, there is no guarantee it'll be completed. One of the main advantages of a personal trainer is that they will be there to push you on, making sure you work as hard as you can. They provide encouragement along with motivation to ensure you do well in each session and this isn't possible with an online program.

Progression is harder to judge:As the online PT isn't present in the gym, they cannot see the progression you are making with their own eyes. Thus they rely on the client to send them honest feedback on their progression throughout the program, which the personal trainer can then analyse. Where communication is by email, it is also easier for errors to be made without either party realising and communication may be harder than it would be in person.

I hope this helps you decide whether an online personal trainer is right for you!! —Joshua Herbert

Josh Pt
Josh Pt
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