Now is the perfect time to live by the WWND philosophy

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In uncertain times, the best approach is to ask yourself 'What Would Nan Do?'

Now is the perfect time to live by the WWND philosophy
Mrs Slocombe from 'Are you being served?', one of my Nan's favorite characters

My Nan died when she was in her eighties a few years ago. Reflecting on the thirty or so odd years I spent with her; I wish I took the time to learn every single stitch in the tapestry of her existence. Like most people of her vintage, she lived a fascinating life peppered with experiences most of us could never comprehend.

Nan grew up in Northern England during The Great Depression with about a million siblings (more like 8) and from the stories she used to tell, I get the impression it was rough. She had a stint working in service (I thought that meant the military until Downton Abbey hit the screens), offering housekeeping duties to some rich old biddy. I don't know if Nan enjoyed those times, but she held the manor and family in very high esteem.

Nan lived through WW2, survived The Blitz and drove ambulances for the Land Army like a badass. Later on, she married a man employed in one of the hardest, dangerous, and dirtiest job of the time –a coal miner. Together they had a few kids, and after my mum moved abroad to Australia, they left Sheffield for the sunny skies of Sydney. For years Nan continued to support the wrong cricket team with venomous hate for every single Australian Cricketer (cheaters, the lot of them!) and complained about the heat. But she did call Australia home.

We know the globe is going to COVID-19 hell in the proverbial handbasket - some of us are feeling anxious, scared and even angry. Then there are the selfish asshats who don't care, but I digress. In times of uncertainly, we (well me) often crave control, information and solutions.

After a day of doom-and-gloom news broadcasts, social media garbage fires and angst about not knowing where my next roll of loo paper was coming from, I had an epiphany! My Nan had survived the war, economic meltdowns, English food and shite weather. What would she be doing to survive this craziness? What would be top of her survival guide?

  • Use what you have already - no need to stockpile or buy new stuff
  • If you can't afford it right now, you have to wait - no buying your physical isolation reading list on AfterPay
  • Make do - no toilet paper? Use your local Murdoch produced newspaper. Make homemade cleaning supplies with vinegar and bicarb
  • Keep in touch with people - my Nan didn't like to ask for help, but God help you if you didn't call to see how she was. Call your grandparents because you cannot afford to be disowned when the Birthday cash is meant to roll in (and you love them)
  • Don't waste food - we have become very spoiled with food choices. If you make a batch of something and it tastes terrible, keep eating it as punishment for your lack of cooking skills, and do better next time
  • Drink tea. Lots of tea
  • Stop touching your blummin face
  • Have breaks from the news and social media. It's essential to be informed, but it doesn't need to be all-consuming
  • Don't be mardy, i.e. a sulky twat
  • Take some pride in your appearance. You may only get dulled up for the cat or Deliveroo rider, but you'll feel a bit better
  • Be mindful of your resource and energy consumption – turn off fans and heaters when you leave the room, and there's no need to have every light on in your dwelling 'like Blackpool Illuminations!!'
  • Get off your backside and 'shake yer self' – Go for a social distancing compliant wonder, polish your sliver, clean the tops of your ceiling lights
  • Watch game shows, not soap operas
  • Spy Check in on your neighbours- channel your inner Nanna and keep an eye out your window (you know they can see you peeping through the curtains, right?)
  • Stop home and knit something
  • Stay calm, wash your hands, and carry on

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