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The Morning Mess Commercial that Bought Me

By E.L. MartinPublished 2 years ago 7 min read

Quarantine has had increasing challenges and demands placed on many, but especially parents. You don't need me to discuss how many times regulations, restrictions, and guidelines have changed over the past year plus. Although my husband and I did not have to take over education responsibilities because of my son's age, it still had its challenges and overwhelming demands. We were both considered essential employees. He was instructed to telework, and I was instructed to split my work between telework and physical reporting. My position had never been authorized to telework prior to Covid-19, so this was the first never tested experiment. My job was already stressful and demanding prior to Covid-19, but I was at least able to say my shift ended when it ended. I could wash my hands of my work responsibilities when I came home and put on my "mom hat." Initially, the teleworking transition wasn't too bad. Workplace items were getting sorted out with what was authorized and what wasn't, and for the first time, some of the traffic in my position slowed. I was able to watch my many of my son's first milestones and felt I could still be the parent I wanted to be. In a matter of months though, this changed drastically for the worse.

Now, work stress comes home at odd hours. I've been jolted back and forth between doing not just my position, but several others. I've had to train three new people, two of which have already moved on. I've taken on more responsibilities as another employee proved himself incompetent and was terminated. Supervisors send out Covid-19 and schedule updates asking to accommodate your needs but do what they want despite your requested needs. They make demands and set deadlines outside of working hours. Telework created an on-call situation that many people, myself included, never signed up for in our employment application. Time off is another thing that has been difficult to request. I'm "letting you telework", so why do you need to take time off? I'm sure I'm not the only employee in this position. Like the other two wiser employees mentioned earlier, I will likely be leaving. Until then, I have found myself in need of ways to destress.

It was a usual hectic workday; my toddler screamed and cried, my phone wouldn't stop ringing, the broken computer system our agency used was having further fits, and mess after mess was made and then cleaned up by me. I was running on fumes and had finally taken a moment to "veg out" on the sofa with my husband. My rambunctious toddler was throwing out toys all over the living room which looked like a disaster zone. We turned the TV on and saw the "Morning Mess Natural Vitality Calm" commercial. For the first time that day, I laughed. I turned to my husband and said, "Let's order that." That commercial seemed to sum up my life in that moment perfectly. Infomercials don't usually sell me, but I thought the marketing for it was too perfect to not be rewarded.

We immediately went to their website. We checked out the ingredients and flavors prior to ordering. We decided on the original, unflavored variant so that we could mix it with whatever we wanted. I can't attest to the other flavors' taste because I haven't tried them. What I can tell you is that Natural Vitality Calm is a simple magnesium supplement with citric acid as the preservative. It is easy to mix, and customizable. I personally like to add it to lemon water. It has a soft, smooth mouthfeel which I find rather pleasant. I wondered if it would be chalky or gritty, but it isn't.

You are allotted two teaspoons of the anti-stress drink mix once daily. The product instructs to start out with one teaspoon and gradually work your way up to two. I have found this recommendation helpful. I personally find myself stressed at multiple points throughout the day, so I take one teaspoon in the morning and one in the afternoon. It also helps me drink more water because I fill up the remainder of the large cup after mixing.

Does the product work? The product will not eradicate your stress; it isn't a miracle drug. Do I still have high blood pressure and anxiety? Yes, but that isn't the product's fault. You will still have to handle your stressful situations yourself and find ways to manage them. Stress is unavoidable. The important thing to remember about this product is that it is a supplement. Will it work as well as the commercial advertises? Of course not, but does it help? From my experience, yes. It "supplements" or enhances your stress management experience. It is unrealistic to rely on it to completely solve your stress problems, and if you keep that expectation in mind you will likely be satisfied with your purchase. I do find that it assists my body in reducing some tension. My muscles loosen slightly, and I can think clearer temporarily. What Calm provides is periodic relief, which helps your body and mind to feel a bit better even though it isn't sustained without taking further life action to reduce stress. I would compare its effectiveness to how an ibuprofen alleviates inflammation. Unlike ibuprofen or medications though, I feel more comfortable taking this supplement because the side effects and addictiveness are much more limited. I know what this product is going to do to my body, and that doesn't cause me stress.

Why is the product effective? Stress can decrease our body's magnesium levels without us realizing it. It is a natural defense mechanism and response. To that end, it would make sense that a magnesium supplement would help with that. That is why the product works in relaxing our bodies to the degree it does. We are receiving something our body nutritionally needs to function at a better capacity.

Because it is a vitamin supplement, I consider it when selecting my other multivitamins; I don't want to overdo. I had previously tried another magnesium supplement prior to this: Spring Valley 250mg tablets. I quit taking them in order to try this product. I did not notice as significant of a difference while taking them as I did with Calm. It may be unfair of me to compare a tablet with the powder just as it is unfair to compare "apples to oranges," as the old cliché states. However, I have not tried other powders and am unable to provide that insight. The Spring Valley tablets are my only prior experience to a similar product. Compared to Spring Valley's 250mgs and 60% daily value percentage, Calm's serving dosage is 350mg and daily value percentage is 83%. While on the surface this didn't seem that drastic of a difference to me, it makes an important impact in a couple of areas.

The more stress you have, the more rapidly your body will decrease its magnesium levels. The daily percentage and milligram dosage only factor in a typical, study-participating, human's day from a control group. Tracking stress and the human body's response daily is a different and more difficult task. Studies have been performed in those areas but are not likely taken into consideration for standard vitamin supplements. You'll get an average estimate at best. If you find yourself constantly stressed, you are already inclined to have a magnesium deficit. This means that the 60% of your daily value you take from the tablet does not make up for the amount you lost. Natural Vitality Calm may not take into consideration the magnesium amount you lost, but because it is a more substantial quantity you are able to make up for that deficit quicker.

The other reason Natural Vitality Calm helps more than the Spring Valley variant is because of the delivery method. The difference between tablet and powder is very distinct when it comes to body absorption. Truthfully, Natural Vitality Calm would have nothing on an IV infusion, but I'd personally rather drink the powder. I'll continue drinking my easy to make, pain and insurance free supplement.

Overall, I am sure there are other magnesium powders on the market that make claims equal or better to Natural Vitality Calm. I find that Vitality Calm works for me, so I haven't found the need to try another while I am still using it. When I run out of the product I've purchased, I may search for other, more affordable options. However, it was the advertisement for Natural Vitality Calm that bought me, and I will say it was worth the try. For once, the mainstream media market was a win-win, and I don't regret adding Natural Vitality Calm to my cart.

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