Mind Ova Matter...

Protect YOUR Mind. Mental Balance IS Key!

Mind Ova Matter...

Good morning Ladies and Gents. Today is a new day and today we will only tackle things we know we can control. Whatever happens today that's not we don't worry about it. Every morning it is important to wake up with a stable mind and just by saying words like those can really make your day because you're putting yourself in a mindset to think about what only matters to you and nothing else. If you want a change in the way you think about things (this post talks to me too lol) read on for an interesting topic and good info!

How many of you know that your mind is a huge and blessing thing to have. The fact that you are sane and able to work your way through your daily problems and still have positive attitude towards things is a blessing in itself. Let me tell you life will throw some things at you that you won't see coming and it can get hectic. Your mind controls everything! That word I was taught to never forget in Human Anatomy A&P, the Hypothalamus, is a muscle that you don't want to rupture because once that goes you pretty much have lost control of a lot of the ways your brain is supposed to function. Sometimes its not as easy as it seems because a lot of people handle certain things differently. I know for me when I need a minute to gather my thoughts and rejuvenate myself I need to take some time like (2-3 days) depending on how severe the obstacle is for me and then I'll find the energy to wake up and continue on about my day and do whatever it is I love to do or have been slacking on. Some people can just bounce back in a matter of moments like a day or hours lol! And they'll be back new like nothing ever happened. How your perspective is on certain things will determine your drive; if you're looking at life through a negative scope it will your life will be dull and lifeless. However, if you look at your obstacles as something to learn from, positive notions, YOU will have more control of your life, emotions, and what you do will be for your own benefit... that's the way we have to be in order to keep pressing on a day-to-day basis.

I personally have learned that I am a pessimistic thinker and that causes me to overthink and make up things that aren't necessarily true or I have no idea if it will be because I automatically assume. The ways that I have started to combat that is by taking time out for myself to gather my thoughts, acknowledge them, write them down, and even started writing down words that will determine my day for the whole day. Kinda like a positive feeling for the day. In my next posts I will share with you all what are some helpful tips to exercise your brain for great accuracy, and what are the least healthy ways or the definite ways to ruin your brain of its wonderful power. If we don't have control over our minds we run risk to diseases and illnesses of it and everyone knows about suicide which is the number one result that comes from people who are deeply depressed, unhappy, overly anxious, and don't have stability or support system like they should. You'd be surprised at how emotions, how we look at ourselves on a daily, or how a repeat of multiple events can lead someone to take their life in just a matter of moments... it's a serious thing. Mental illnesses are taking over the black community as well. I've written posts on these matters and how they take a toll (go check them out if you haven't already). What we go through on a daily is trauma enough so just imagine that and then whatever else emotions we are trying to deal with as a whole. This is a worldwide disease... but it can be altered and prevented. It starts with loving ourselves and looking at ourselves through a different mirror then what we habitually are conformed to. Your mental health is what matters at the end of the day than the matter itself. Think on it!

I look forward to speaking more on the matter with you guys as the days progress! Stay in tuned and be sure to check out @naturalle.noir on IG or for more content and topics you can go to my website at Naturallenoir.net! Thanks and be safe out there!

- Naturalle Noir

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