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Mediumship - A Dying Art

by Trevor Baldwin 2 years ago in spirituality

Defining the mysteries

Photo by Sean Hudson (Unsplash)

I'm a psychic medium, right? Well, no actually, I'm a spiritual medium. What's the difference? The truthful answer is actually very little, if any at all.

A psychic uses the energy of a living person, the earthly energy that we all have. The psychic uses colours as well, the colours of someone's aura. The psychic attunes themself to their own natural receptors — their gut instincts, their clairsentience, those feelings we all have about someone when we first meet them.

A spiritual medium connects to the spirit world for their information, their messages and their communications. From years of learning the art, unfolding natural abilities hidden over their life, from sitting in silence in meditation and building their power, attuning themself to recognise the difference between their own thoughts and those brought to their mind from another vibration — the world of spirit.

Newcomers to these ancient powers of talking to the dead will often state, with a hint of snobbery, that they are more than mere psychics. They believe that they have acquired some supernatural power of being able to hear, see and feel the spirits of dead people. That may be true, albeit in a sexed-up description, but they are also psychics whether they want to believe it or not.

Psychics are also able to connect to the spirit world. And even if they claim they don't, they are more often than not, influenced in subtle ways by those from the spirit world that are working with them, and with the recipient receiving the psychic's messages. To deny this would show a lack of understanding of the powers available to the spirit world.

Everyone has spirit people that are overseeing their lives, often referred to as guides, that is a given. Whether we mere mortals on earth want to believe it or not, there are spirit people with us throughout our entire life. Some people might suggest that because we cannot see, hear, or touch these invisible helpers, they surely cannot really exist.

Here's a simple question for you. Do you believe you have a spirit yourself? If your first reaction is to answer 'no', then best you take some time to think about that, long and hard.

Everyone has a spirit. It is an integral body within who we are. We are made up of more than just skin and bones. We have life and we have depth. We have a personality, a drive, a passion, a presence. If you've been present with someone as they pass away, you'll have most likely seen that person's transformation from a living person to a lifeless corpse where the body becomes nothing more than the shell of a person once full of life, of spirit.

Another question. Where do you think your spirit lives?

Here with you? Really? How come you cannot see it? How come you accept that your spirit lives here on earth but no other spirit does? Is your spirit the only one? Of course not. So if you consider the depth of this statement, you begin to understand that the spirit world must be around us and not in some far off universe or dimension.

Based on that understanding, how can a psychic only be working with earthly energy without some influence from the spirit world? Impossible. So the next time you hear a medium denounce themselves as better than a mere psychic, it's time to find another medium!

In this series of weekly presentations, I'll help you understand more about the processes of 'talking to the dead' and blow some of the myths away. I'll give you a clearer understanding of my work as a medium and perhaps open up a mysterious world that exists with as much life as this earthbound one you reside in right now.

I'll finish this introduction with a question for you to ponder over. My question is NOT 'do you believe in life after death?' My question is:

Would you like to believe in life after death?


Trevor Baldwin

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Trevor Baldwin
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