Lose Weight Fast

by Spencer Dupuis about a year ago in weight loss

Three Tips on How to Lose Weight Fast

Lose Weight Fast

With the new year approaching us quickly, what seems to be on everyone's New Years resolution is to hit the gym and drop a couple of pounds! Here is how you can lose weight with three easy tips.

Tip #1

Change your diet! Without even stepping foot in a gym or doing any exercise, you can lose weight. A well maintained diet is (to me) a lot more important than going to the gym. Instead of grabbing a chocolate bar, grab a protein bar. Instead of having that bag of chips before bed, grab an apple. On a side note, (if you are serious) check what your regular caloric intake for a day should be, if you want to lose weight faster, subtract approximately 500 calories from that and you have yourself what you call a "caloric deficit" (e.g., I am 6'1" 190 lbs, my daily caloric intake should be around 3300, so I should take in around 2800 to see fast results). This will help you burn off that excess fat you no longer want! Now back on track, be sure to replace those bad food habits with good ones and you will see a dramatic change, not only in your weight, but in your lifestyle and well being.

Tip #2

Depending on your goal, getting to the gym will help increase weight loss if it is placed with the right diet. Start by doing cardiovascular exercises such as the elliptical, bike, or treadmill and once comfortable, start using weights. These cardio exercises will help you burn those calories and help you reach your goal! I would aim to get to the gym a minimum of three to four times a week. The more, the merrier and the more weight you will lose. Be sure to always stay hydrated by drinking a lot of water during exercise. Although going to the gym may be a little bit nerve racking, nobody is there to judge! Everyone is there to benefit themselves in some sort of way so once you start seeing results from the change in diet, get your butt down there and put in that extra work to burn off that stubborn fat!

Tip #3

Sleep. Although you may not think this could affect you with losing weight, it is very important. People who are sleep deprived tend to be more overweight even if they follow the same diet and exercises of a person who get a good 8 hours of sleep per night. When you are up late at night, you tend to eat and not be satisfied which leads you to grabbing a chocolate bar and thinking "one won't hurt." Sleep also allows your body to recover, mentally and physically. It allows your muscles to recuperate after a hard day of exercise! With a busy schedule, sleep might be put last, but in order to maintain a healthy diet and lose that weight, sleep is very important! Put the phones down, put everything on pause, and do your best to get that 8 hours of sleep. It will benefit you only for the better!

For some people, these three things are obvious, but they just can't seem to do them! It is tough. From past experience, the hardest of the three is to maintain that healthy diet. Unhealthy food is everywhere, surrounding us wherever we go. Just try and remember that it's for YOU. You're the one benefiting from avoiding those fast food chains or that bag of chips, you're the one benefiting from going to the gym, you're the one benefiting from getting a good night's sleep. Just do your best to remember, IT'S ALL TO BETTER YOU.

I am positive. Why? Because these three tips worked for myself. Get some good healthy food in you, get to the gym and get a good night's sleep and I AM POSITIVE YOU WILL LOSE WEIGHT!

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