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by Nira Kumari 2 months ago in how to

Higher Living, Higher Thinking

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" Simple living and higher thinking " is a proverb which refers to the spiritual world, and that is not possible in the physical world. In the spiritual world,  there is no scope for economy. Spiritual life has the essence of simple living and higher thinking, without any lust for money and wealth. It has the loftiness of thoughts. Truly spiritual people can not harm anybody for money and wealth. Bhagwad Geeta says simple living and high thinking is the solution to economic problems. In Bhagawad Gita, Shri Krishna describes the ideal social system for simple living. Jesus Christ lived a very simple life. He never spoke of things he owned. He lived a life of stark simplicity in regard to possessions. It refers to a saintly life. 

But now, can we live such an ideal life in this physical world? No. We need economy here for our survival. Without money, we cannot have meals even twice a day. Health, education and children, all get affected in lack of money. So now, we require to vote for " Higher living and higher thinking ". We can attain it by changing our life styles, our mindset, raising our standards of living and thinking, and without harming others for our own personal benefits or growth. Standard of living refers to the economic growth of a person. It has an association with the power of money and wealth you have. Raising your standard of living directly affects your mindset. It's a time when we can't think bigger, living just a simple life. Now, to think something bigger, we require a bigger amount of money and wealth also. Even to help people, we require money. So, to help a community, we would require even a bigger amount of money, and again to get this much money, we need to improve our standards of living and raise our economic position. Thus, we see that our living and thinking are both reciprocal. 

We need to raise our living standards above the basic subsistence levels, allowing ourselves to thrive and the society to flourish. It is considered to contribute to an individual's quality of life. We need to explore different options for earning money and raising our economic growth. We cannot depend upon just one source of income. We need to have multiple sources of income to cope with any unpredictable situations. Having a standard living,  we can easily afford for housing and household needs, pay for electricity, afford for children’s education and health insurance without going destitute. Raising the standards of life changes the mindset also. It's said, " As you live, so you think ". If you live in scarcity, you will think small. You won't come out of the thoughts of scarce. If the resources are limited,  we are compelled to make a choice to get the maximum benefits,  like looking for " the cheap and best ". It may not be applicable to many.  But, exceptions are exceptions only, they cannot be a rule. 

Life is a continuous process. We need to grow day by day. For growth,  we need resources i.e. money and wealth. Again to get money and wealth, to a certain scale at least,  we need to think big and raise our economic position, to improve our standard of living. So, all this is inter- related. Standard of living is measured by the wealth levels, comfort, goods, necessities, income, etc. A lot of things such as education, health, life expectancy, etc. depend upon it. Standard of living is, actually,  related to our economic growth rate. But, it should not be confused with quality of life. Quality of life is a totally different thing. It is a subjective term used to measure happiness. Standard of living represents the physical aspect of life while quality of life refers to more intangible aspects, the inner well- being. 

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Raising standard of living means overall well-being of an individual or a society. If each and every member of a society has a higher standard of living, the society is said to be a standard one. If all the citizens of a country live a standard life,  nobody can check the progress of the country. Your progress depends upon your living standard.

Thus,  higher living  - higher thinking  - higher economic growth  - higher education level  - higher life expectancy  -  higher standard of life. I don't know whether you like it or not, but I have tried my best to bring this fact to the fore. Let's hope for the best!

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Hello wonderful Readers, I'm a school teacher passionate for writing. This year I turned 55, and have started my long life dream of becoming a Writer.

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